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Thomas Roberts Might Be The Definition Of Betterment: From Suicide + Molestation To Successful News Man

CNN-to-MSNBC transplant Thomas Robert knows a thing or two about being victimized. Not only was he molested at a Catholic school, but he’a suicide attempt survivor. What’s great about Roberts’ video is that it doesn’t just tell kids “it gets better,” which anyone can read from a note card, but offers a real mental picture of how to escape the bullshit of youth. Next up: somebody who explains, point by point, how to ensure it gets better.

Maybe that’s what we need to see in videos from guys like Tom Vilsack, the agriculture secretary and former Iowa governor, who’s well aware of what it’s like growing up in closed-minded rural areas.

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  • gregger

    Wow, if I didn’t already respect Thomas Roberts for his coming forward as someone molested by a pedophile priest and still making a success of his life this message would so help me respect him.

  • Rick Gold

    Thomas Roberts is like Anderson Cooper except attractive and OUT!

  • Ian

    I highly respect, admire, and am a little attracted to Thomas Roberts. He is a proud out working professional and newsanchor, unlike AC or SM over at two other networks. And his willingness to tell his story is just so admirable and doing such REAL good for young gay teens & kids looking for role models.

  • Ian

    @Ian: Meant “SS” not ‘SM’

  • gregger

    @Ian: He’s attractive, I’d take him out on a date, talk, hopefully laugh ourselves silly, and go from there!

  • alan brickman

    Thomas is ten times the hawt that Anderson Cooper is…and for coming out…100 times more man then he’ll ever be too!!!

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