Those Lesbians Suddenly Don’t Look All That Much Like Justin Bieber

OH SNAP — In new photos posted online, gone are the locks that launched a hundred thousand heartbreaks. Justin Bieber has chopped away at his famous mop top, which means only one thing: Lesbians who used to look like Justin Bieber no longer do. But we’ve been headed in this direction for a little bit now.

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  • Matt


  • John

    Uhh, he looks even more like a lesbian. Think Hilary Swank’s look in Boys Don’t Cry.

  • Jake

    Never mind Bieber – who’s the guy in the picture with him? Woof.

  • steve

    Can’t he just retire off his millions and go away?

  • bobby

    @john. my thoughts exactly.

  • divkid

    he’s no longer rockin’ the lesbian aesthetic? really?
    then why the fuck is he standing next to k.d. lang!

  • Stenar

    He now looks almost exactly like a lesbian, former co-worker of mine. For a second, I thought it was her.

  • Enron

    Say hello to the new Justina Bieber

  • Jeffree

    I *hate* it when celebrities try to copy my look!

    And why are Bieb’s eyes so wide open? Just got himself goosed?

  • Red Meat

    I don’t like picking on this kid but he looks way dykish now

  • jason

    No wonder the gay community is going down shit creek. It seems to consist of bitchy queens who throw insults at others based on their appearance. How pathetic….

  • John

    Yes… how pathetic… this type of behavior is only seen in the gay community…

    Get over yourself, Jason.

  • mr_charmind

    No, what actually happened is that Justin realized his old lesbian hair was played out so he moved on to *another* butchier lesbian haircut. Basically he’s co-opting lesbian style & he needs to stop cause HE SUCKS. (eloquent, I know)

  • Ken

    Justin’s eyes look really strange. I wonder did the hair cut shock him?

  • Wes

    @Jake: It’s Jay DeMarcus from Rascal Flatts. It’s kind of a weird combination.

  • Jonathan

    He is beautiful and wholesome. The haircut’s great!

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