Three More Hollywood Power Players Join Bryan Singer On List Of Accused Sexual Abusers

michael-eganThe names keep on coming in the Bryan Singer teenage grab bag law suit.

At a press conference at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Monday, 33-year-old plaintiff Michael Egan added Hollywood executives Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard to the list of accused power players with a penchant for questionably consensual underage action.

And just how powerful are these guys? Lets have a look…

Garth Ancier: former president of BBC Worldwide America, former head of programming for Fox, NBC and the WB (that’s a lot of tween dramas to produce), head of year-old Quad Media Partners, formed to launch four fully curated linear TV networks

David Neuman: former president of Disney TV, previous employee of Digital Entertainment Network which is headed by Marc Collins-Rector, who was cited in Egan’s original lawsuit

Gary Goddard: produces live shows on and off Broadway as head of The Goddard Group, and runs a design firm that creates theme park attractions like Universal Studio’s Jurassic Park and Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

Well we can certainly see why Egan would first get the press’ attention with high profile director Singer then work his way down the Hollywood food chain, but these aren’t exactly small fish either.

The new suit claims that the sexual abuse also took place in Hawaii in 1999 (same as Singer), and Egan’s lawyer Jeff Herman has told the press that he expects more names to be released in the next few days.

If this is all a big publicity stunt, Egan sure is being thorough. And if it isn’t, it’ll surely spark some lively debate about abuse of power among some of Hollywood’s most elite gays.

Hopefully time will tell and it doesn’t turn into a full-blown circus, though it does seem to be heading that direction.

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  • Cam

    Again, there has got to be SOMETHING that shows that a lawyer in good conscience could take the case, otherwise if there was nothing, any lawyer who took it, then announced the names of these guys PUBLICLY would be ripped apart and most probably have their licenses revoked and owe millions for defamation.

    There has to be enough for the lawyers to be able to defend taking the case.

    Additionally, when people as powerful as Singer’s lawyers claim they are “Looking into a counter suit”, that is B.S. they would have already filed a cease and desist and for the case to be dismissed if they had proof Singer was out of the country at this time.

    It’s starting to sound like there might actually be something here.

  • Jake357

    There seems to be a general sense that those “perverts” are probably up to something what with their pool orgies and all. I mean, look at how quickly about 3/4ths of all the commenters on Queerty have already tried and convicted these men based on nothing more than the second-hand hearsay of a questionable young man. I’m not saying they’re innocent, but I’m not crucifying them online either. Just wait and see.

  • petensfo

    All of this is “Civil” not “Criminal” so essentially, an attorney can float a trial balloon and see what kind of money comes their way in order to make it go away.

    I never want to blame a victim, but I’m just not sure that’s what this guy is. He kept going back. He got on planes and traveled to an unsafe place?
    He is also reportedly part of a documentary on sexual abuse of power in Hollywood. Personally, I think he was star-struck with all the privilege & disappointed that life hasn’t gone as he might have hoped.

    It all stinks.

  • Mr. E. Jones

    Is this guy going through IMDB looking for gay bigwigs to add to his list? If he was abused he should have gone to the police. I hope someone sues him six feet deep for libel.

  • Cam


    They can float a balloon, however, if there was no reason for them to take the case and they are slandering people like Singer’s name publicly their license and a huge monetary lawsuit for defamation will hit them.

    There has to be enough evidence that if they lose the case they can still justify taking it.

    Additionally, If Singer’s lawyer had the evidence to say that Singer was out of the country they would have already moved to have this case dismissed and asked for a cease and desist or an injunction against this guy dragging Singer’s name through the press, AND the press from running the articles.

    The fact that they haven’t done that yet is suspicious since they said that they already hat proof he was out of the country.

  • JayBrown80

    This entire situation sets off my smell detector.

    So this lawyer waits until Singer has a big movie coming out, then files a Civil lawsuit to make money off of him. ( i understand the new law in hawaii that essentially gives them till thursday to file these claims and still meet statute of limitations).

    Then he holds 2 press conferences basically “teasing” that he has more names to tell! More dirt to dish! But if anyone wants to make a cash settlement to avoid their name being dragged thru the mud, just give him a call.

    If you knew you were going to accuse all 4 men, then why only accuse the most famous…whip the media into a frenzy, and then in a soap opera like way lay out name after name.

    It just sets off my bullshit meter….

    I have no doubt that all 4 of these men, Singer included, have gotten their rocks off with various twinks every day of the week for the last 20 years. They are rich and powerful men, and rich and powerful men have no problem finding willing sexual partners. Especially when they have the power of the casting couch.

    But because this case involves gay men, it’s a media circus. I just question the whole thing. The accuser and his lawyer just seem scuzzball to me…and I don’t like the prevailing thought that you can’t question their honesty without being a “victim blamer”.

    This guy is not a victim. He willingly got on a plane multiple times to go to sex parties. He knew what was up. He was trading his sexuality to further himself in life. People do it EVERYDAY. Now 17 years later he “faces his abusers” in the most dramatic way possible? I hope Singer et al fight him every step of the way.

    If someone accused Hugh Hefner of this, it wouldn’t even make the news.

    I have no opinion on Singer whatsoever. He is just a director to me. I have no reason to defend him. I am not a fan. I also don’t understand why my fellow gays are so youth obsessed. Twinks are vapid and not great looking (to me at least). So Brian Singer has sex. Big deal.

  • orrine

    @Cam: There may be other problem there: it all happened 15 years ago and it takes time to get all documents

  • Cam


    You could be right, but the impression they gave was that they had them. It will be a wait and see on that, but I would imagine that Singer getting his own expense reports and receipts or tax docs shouldn’t take very long. Even in 2000 they would mostly have been computer records.

  • jar

    @Jake357: This is not hearsay if he is reported what he witnessed. And what exactly is “second-hand hearsay”? Just a meaningless construction intended to call into question this man’s integrity? Well, it mostly serves to expose your lack of understanding of basic legal principles. Henceforth, I would advise against misusing them.

  • jar

    @JayBrown80: Ever hear of Dorothy Stratton? Look her up.

  • JayBrown80


    What does Dorothy Stratton have to do with anything? That was an abusive relationship that turned sour.

    This is a guy that willing traded his ass for acting roles, then came back 17 years later saying he was forced at gunpoint to blow a guy. after he willingly got on a plane to fly on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii….multiple times. Even though he claims he was raped each time.

    Rape really happens. It is really bad. You better be telling the truth when you accuse someone of it

  • JayBrown80


    Ok, so basically what you are saying Jar is that anyone who accuses someone of a sexual crime should automatically be believed. All inconsistencies in their story should be ignored. The Accused should be immediately locked away without a trial. And anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a victim blamer and “pro-rape”.

    Is that correct?

  • Cam


    No, what he said was simply a response to your comment that if Hef was involved there would be no press. He pointed out that Dorothy Stratton got a huge amount of news because she was a Playmate.

    Not sure why you are trying to put words in his mouth, you’re seeming to have an agenda here.

  • JayBrown80


    Dorothy Stratton got a huge amount of press b/c she was an aspiring actress that got MURDERED!

    This kid didn’t get murdered. The situations aren’t even remotely the same. How can you justify the press for a salacious sexualized murder should in anyway compare with a kid saying he got raped 17 years ago and if you want to know the details just watch my new movie coming out.

    I think you and Jar are the ones with an agenda here, Cam.

    Dorothy didn’t get news coverage solely b/c she was a playmate. Something ACTUALLY happened to her. Something that wasn’t just an accusation with no evidence to back it up.

  • Merv

    Just because he has a lawyer doesn’t make it true. At first, I didn’t care even if it were true. Now, it’s looking very unlikely that it is true. It’s looking more and more like a shakedown.

  • Charlie in Charge

    @Cam: “there has got to be SOMETHING that shows that a lawyer in good conscience could take the case”

    So because we believe lawyers always act in good conscience we shouldn’t be troubled by a lack of evidence?

  • Billy Budd

    This seems to be total, complete bullshit. I repeat the words of another queertier:
    Personally, I think he was star-struck with all the privilege & disappointed that life hasn’t gone as he might have hoped.

    It all stinks.

    If I met this retired call boy on the street, I would feel tempted to rape him, so that he would know what it is REALLY about. He should be ashamed.

  • Cam

    @Charlie in Charge:

    Charlie I explained quite clearly that it has nothing to do with a always believing lawyers, it has to do with any lawyers sense of self preservation. I.E. they don’t take a case from a client and drag somebody as powerful as Singer through the mud publicly unless there was enough evidence that they could defend in court taking the case and doing that. If they didn’t have any evidence and proceeded they would get nailed in a defamation suit, and most likely have their license yanked away.

    I.E. if somebody sues somebody else for rape and says they were beaten and taken to a hospital and the lawyer doesn’t even check to see if the alleged victim actually DID go to the hospital and get examined but simply publicly goes after the accused attacker, then that lawyer has a massive defamation suit on them and could lose their license.

    I explained that clearly up on the other post as well as the fact that Singer’s lawyers claim they can already prove he was out of the country but have produced nothing and not moved to have the case dismissed as they would if they really had that evidence.

    This isn’t about believing anybody, it’s about observing the behavior and what makes sense.

  • jar

    @Cam: Thanks, Cam. That was my point. Stratton’s photos sent to Heffner were taken when she was underage (her mother’s release signature was forged). Heffner got a lot of bad press when it all came to light after her brutal murder.

  • jar

    @JayBrown80: You projected a lot onto my simple comment. I never said anything of the sort you want to attach to me. I will note that your projections read very similarly to the old “why did she stay with him if he raped/abused her?” or “she was asking for it” blame the victim memes. The truth of these claims will be determined in a court of law. I no more assume he is telling the truth than I do that he is lying. It’s amusing that you find the former offensive, but are quite willing to embrace the latter.

  • Merv

    @Cam: Please, if the threat of disbarment were real, then daytime and late night cable ads wouldn’t be full of crooked ambulance chasing lawyers who are only too happy to hook up with crooked doctors to extort money from insurance companies.

  • DonW

    @Cam: You keep repeating that lawyers who make spurious claims risk getting “nailed in a defamation suit and their license yanked.” How often does this really happen? I sure haven’t read many headlines about it. I have no particular opinion about the merits of this case, but I am mindful of the wise old crack: Q: “How can you tell when a lawyer is lying?” A: “His lips are moving.”

  • jar

    @JayBrown80: You (willfully?) miss the point. You claimed that “if Hugh Heffner were accused of this, it would never make the news.” I countered with an example directly on point. Hefner was accused (as was Bogdanovich, who had a penchant for young girls/women) of exploiting Stratton due to her age and naivete. He was neither accused of nor implicated in her murder. The murder merely brought the story to light, just as this law suit has done in the present instance.

  • Cam



    Anybody else notice that the Singer defenders seem to purposely try to leave out portions of comments.

    To disbar an attorney there has to be a complaint etc… You don’t think Singer has the legal power behind him to do that?

    And additionally I also pointed out that the lawyers wouldn’t go after somebody as powerful as Singer because it opens them up to a massive defamation suit. You left that part out of your responses though, isn’t that interesting?

  • jar

    @Merv: Do you have any proof that lawyers advertising on TV are engaged in misconduct? You seem certain on this point, so the evidence should be forthcoming. I do not disagree that there are crooked lawyers. But they would not take on such a high profile case because it would draw attention to themselves.

  • JAW

    This reminds me of the Priest scandal… people in power taking advantage of young guys… this goes way over the top… expensive pool parties, drugs, sex etc

    we convicted the priests and the church… same here

  • hyhybt

    What’s wrong with wait-and-see, rather than jumping to a decision on whether the accusations are true or not now? Why is everyone so eager to pick a side at the beginning?

  • tookietookie

    If this stops any more bad X-Men films from being made, I say guilty as charged and throw away the key!

  • Charlie in Charge

    @Cam: By this logic we can assume that if Singer’s lawyers do sue Egan then we can conclude the rape never happened.

  • JimboinLA

    To those who call this person a prostitute. He was an teenaged actor enrolled in The Professional Children’s School in LA. His best friend at that school had an older brother whose boyfriend was a rich pervert who introduced him to a crowd of child molesters with major industry connections. Another young actor/actress who fell prey to the casting couch. Except he was fifteen which makes it illegal.

  • xzall

    Since this is devolving into a debate about lawyers info on Michael Egan’s lawyer, Jeff Herman, can easily be found.

    Jeff Herman is the lawyer who bought sex abuse cases against Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash. The update on those cases are three of the cases against Clash were filed and ended up being dismissed by a Federal judge in Manhattan because they had exceeded the statute of limitations in filing their case. (So in that case he didn’t seem to have done his homework as he well as he should have)

    He seems to specialize in sexual abuse cases and does have his share of successes. He won a judgement of over 5 million dollars against the clergy for children who were abused by the Miami Archdiocese back in 2006.

  • Merv

    @jar: Yes, I have anecdotal evidence. My partner’s brother was in a car accident and his lawyer sent him to a Chiropractor who examined him and asked him obviously leading questions: “As I move your neck, it’s hurting now, isn’t it?” No, his neck wasn’t hurting. In another incident, my step-mom was involved in a minor side-swipe accident in which she was at fault. Even though she was much older, and experienced similar forces in the accident, she was completely uninjured, but all the three strong young men in the other vehicle mysteriously developed neck pain. Crooked lawyers go where the money is. Insurance companies have money. So does Hollywood.

    As for the lawyer in this case, how is Singer going to file a misconduct complaint before the facts of the original case have even been adjudicated? Even if Singer does win the original case, is he going to want to keep the case in the news by going after the lawyer? Besides, the lawyer can always say he believed his client’s eyewitness testimony, and his client clearly did run in some of the same circles. He has plausibility as a defense.

  • Stache99

    I know Garth and David. The only thing I remember about Garth was his penchant for fine wines. Just seemed like a nice guy. Can’t see him involved with all this. I didn’t know he liked the youngies. Then again I was at the ripe old twenty something age so probably just too old for most of them.

    Now David on the other hand was a big boy chaser and had his beautiful Hollywood house filled with very young men to teenagers on any given time I was there. Yes. He like them VERY young. We used to joke about David and his house of Teenage Sodom. It was kind of sick now that I think back on it.

  • Cam

    @Charlie in Charge:

    Now actually that isn’t correct at all, but you seem desperate to say that something means something else.

    I didn’t say anything about whether or not Singer sued. I stated that they need to be able to DEFEND why they filed in the first place.

    There seem to be a LOT of purposeful misunderstandings on this post.

  • Stache99

    To anyone that calls me sick too to see it all and not do anything well I was young and naive myself back then. Not to mention star struck a bit by partying with the the men that ran Hollywood in their beautiful multi million dollar homes every other wknd.

    My friends/roommates were part of this group at the time. They wanted to establish themselves both socially and career wise so the rule of thumb was to always look the other way no matter how wrong you thought it all was and trust me I did. You just really couldn’t say anything though.

  • TerrenM

    You queens have WAY too much time on your hands!!

  • Cam


    Nice of Mr. Singer to send his intern on here to make bitchy comments.

  • redcarpet

    @Cam: Where there is smoke there is fire, or was. But if he has a smoking gun or some convincing evidence he better release it because right now it’s no more than finger pointing. Or at the very least state that there is something to be released at a later date.

  • Stache99

    Btw. these guys are like the billionaire boys club. Obscene amounts of wealth. Trust me the youngies were rewarded very well for their silence.

    Marc Rector Collins would reward his boys with Ferrari’s and Porches. They were all barely legal to drive too.

    It was sick but who’s to say who was taken advantage of.

  • Stache99

    @TerrenM: Really. So everyone including most of the media networks should just mind their own business according to you? Btw. I’ve seen your posts before and you just love to dish dirt about celebrities. If you want to be righteous start with yourself.

  • Cam


    That is my comment back to Singer’s lawyer, they keep claiming that they can prove Singer wasn’t in the country, and yet haven’t produced any evidence or used it to file for a dismissal.

  • Jake357

    @jar: “second-hand hearsay” is hyperbole, you dumb f*ck. It was meant to point out that without substance to his assertions, it might as well have been divined from tea leaves. My point, which you clearly lost in your vitriolic zeal to win the internet, was that there’s little point in demonizing these men before they’ve had their day in court. As another asked on here why are we all chomping at the bit to choose sides? This guy may be telling the truth, but there’s a lot of fishiness surrounding his allegations also. And some of these men he is pointing fingers at are hardly paragons of virtue (by middle American standards) so one does wonder… Still, until it has been proved…

  • e.c.

    Satche99 not only did they get lovely parting gifts but many of them, including Egan, were actually on the DEN payroll. Egan was making over two grand a week and only some of it was credited to “acting” work. I’m not saying that he and they other boys weren’t being exploited (and I have no sympathy for old guys who insist on banging underage boys or girls) but no one went home empty-handed. People keep comparing it to the Catholic Church, but it’s more of a gay underage Heidi Fleiss situation with lots of booze and drugs and cash and gifts and promises of fortune and fame.

    And an attorney can only be disciplined if he KNOWINGLY does something unethical. Criminal defense attorneys defend guilty people all the time (Hello OJ), your client just can’t tell you they are guilty or that they are lying. As long as Egan’s attorney doesn’t know that Egan is lying he can bring whatever suits he wants.

  • DarkZephyr

    I don’t get guys who absolutely REFUSE to date or hook up with anyone over the age of 19.

  • Stache99

    @e.c.: Ha. The irony was that DEN went taken out of business mostly due to it’s owner being caught diddling a 14 yo. The potential investors found out and wisely chose not to invest.

  • gskorich

    what does egan hope to gain from all this? he has to know his story has too many holes, 15 years to say anything? because he was drunk for the last 14 with one more to recover? is he gay? did they try to approach these guys before the lawsuit? why wasn’t this reported 15 years ago? the mother is now saying she reported it to the FBI who is denying it.

    lets say these parties were going on, how did these young guys get there and what are the told? who was whisking him off to hawaii? did he attend any other parties where these guys were not in attendance ?

  • Jonathan26

    Jerry Sandusky.

  • Ogre Magi

    This is nothing but a damn witchhunt


    So this guy Egan repeatedly put himself in situations where he would be sexually compromised? Blow more smoke up my ass please.

  • xzall

    Saw this on Mail Online. Singer’s attorney is claiming that Jeff Herman has not even served his client, even after press conferences.

    His quote “We will easily prove this and then we will go after this lawyer for this fabricated claim, we have indisputable proof.
    ‘A legitimate lawyer would have served us, instead he announced it with a press release and then a press conference. As of today, we’ve been waiting for five days, he could have sent it to my email.’
    He added that Singer was ‘upset’, adding: ‘Someone is trying to ruin his life and his career, that someone would just fabricate these claims is insanity.’
    When asked about the openly gay director and producer’s notorious pool parties, Mr Singer stressed: ‘Michael Egan is not saying he was ever at one of Bryan’s parties, but when Bryan has a pool party, everyone is checked for IDs, nobody is allowed in under the age of 18 , and even between 18 and 21, they have to wear wristbands. There is also security there.’

  • Stache99

    @gskorich: I can’t say ya or na about this guy because I’ve never met him. You’re right it does seem to have allot of holes or questions.

    However, the only thing I know that’s an actual fact is that some of the guys he names really did chase and seduce teenage boys. I believe what he says is true. I just don’t know what his true motivation is. Now I assume his lawyer is going to have more information and witnesses with proof of this.

  • Stache99

    @xzall: Sorry that I don’t believe any of that Lawyer BS. We all know that Singer loves the barely legal guys.

    This whole checking for ID is so they don’t get in trouble for serving alcohol to minors. Of coarse that’s on the surface. The inner private party is a different story and I guarantee you that the security nor ID braclets will be there.

  • Doughosier

    @Jake357: But we’ve been hearing about all this for years. Do you really doubt all this didn’t happen just the way he described?

  • Doughosier

    Egan is a hero for speaking out about these people. At the very least, they’ll be more careful checking ID’s at their drug orgies.

  • xzall

    @Stache99: I don’t doubt that. I put in the entire quote but it was more to emphasize that Singer’s lawyer is claiming not to have received the lawsuit as yet. Someone was asking why there hasn’t been a countersuit as yet and maybe that’s why. His lawyer is waiting to see the actual claim in writing to see what they can dispute.

    If Egan’s lawyer really hasn’t served anyone with this lawsuit, you begin to wonder if he’s just content to try this in the court of public opinion. He can also make all kinds of vague claims that he has evidence to support his claim without anyone able to dispute what he says. I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know how long he can drag this out in multiple press conferences before he actually has to present the claims he has.

  • Stache99

    @Doughosier: You know I gotta admit that it takes some big brass balls to get up there like he has and take on Hollywoods most powerful men. It’s truly a David vs Goliath but like I said his story is based on facts that I happen to know are true.

  • SteveDenver

    @Cam: A lawyer in good conscience? You overestimate lawyers.

  • SteveDenver

    Meanwhile, the production company that handled X-MEN II has oodles of proof that Singer was in Canada working on the picture: travel tickets, receipts, stamped passport, production notes and changes, payroll for personal assistants (you don’t hire PAs when someone isn’t there).

    So for all the queens who “happen to know the allegations are true,” you’ve been exposed as gossipy bitches.

  • Raquel Santiago

    While we do not yet know if these specific allegations are accurate, I can safely say that this has been going on for a long time in both Hollywood and regular porn, you scracth my back, i will wet your whistle. Its high time people with lots of money realized they cannot keep abusing people of any age or gender or idenity. This is a David and Goliath story as Stache99 says but the proof is in the pudding, we all are not blind we know its been going on, just for too long society has turned a blind eye, but not anymore. I have heard tons of horror stories but due to confidentiality could not and still cannot “tell all”

  • TampaBayTed

    I believe that the age of consent in California is still 18. In Connecticut, also a progressive state, I think it remains at 16.

  • Charlie in Charge

    @Cam: No, I understand. I just don’t agree.

  • Daniel-Reader

    So where are Egan’s parents in all this? Are they being charged with enabling abuse or with child neglect? Seem strangely absent in all the claims.

  • Stache99

    @SteveDenver: Btw most of the stuff happened in CA. The only reason they focus on Hawaii is due to the statute of limitations here in CA.

  • Stache99

    @SteveDenver: If you have a ton of wealth and a private jet anythings possible.

  • Yahoo Thom

    Honestly “OUR” preoccupation with younger and younger guys will be our undoing. This obsession with underage “TWINKS” is unhealthy, it is wrong and a perversion, not a fetish like leather (which involves two consenting ADULTS). These dalliances with under age “children” will only make the entire LGBT community look bad. They need to pay the consequences publically and the community needs to admonish this behavior from every corner…this is our future our freedom at stake. It plays into the dogma and vitriol thrown at by the Evangelical Christians, that we are ALL pedophiles.

  • xzall

    @Stache99: One theory would be that the reason for the party houses in Vegas and Hawaii was due to the lower age of consent at 16. Maybe some of these guys thought they were doing nothing wrong, at least by strict legal understanding, by having sex with a 17 year old. Otherwise I can’t figure out the logic of Singer, while he’s working in Canada, supposedly flying out Egan to Hawaii.

    If you glance at the lawsuit Egan is not claiming statutory rape( he really can’t because he was 17 on that Hawaii trip) but that he was forced to have sex with them and that they coerced him using threats, drugs & alcohol. Did you observe that kind of force being used by any of the people in this lawsuit?

  • Stache99

    @xzall:Funny I’ve already come to that conclusion thanks to some other commenters filling in the gaps. So him having a villa in Hawaii makes allot of sense.

    Drugs were used by everyone at these parties. Special K, coke, ecstasy, and all the fun pharmaceutical drugs you could imagine. One of them didn’t do drugs but he always had a supply for the boys.

  • Stache99

    @xzall: I should add that the one I’m talking about isn’t named on the suit so I’m not going to mention him. Plus, he’s very famous. Enough controversy for the day. Lol

  • esemple

    Lawyers do it for the money. 1950’s witch hunt.

  • Contessa328

    For me this all has the smell of MONEY. That mother crying is the pits. She would have cried all the way to the bank if her son had become a big-time movie star due to his penis and butt. You’d think mother and son had never heard of the casting couch. How do they think Rock Hudson got started? On his talent?

    I’m so sick of these blood suckers. They didn’t complain 15 years ago that they got chosen to go to Hawaii and treated like little princes. Now that they’re trolls and no longer have anything to sell and haven’t got two dimes to rub together, they’ve come up with a tried and true way to the bucks and notoriety–they think. What hypocrites! And using the mother’s juicy tears. Both need a good slap.

    Hey, it’s taking somebody’s big bucks to rent that fancy hotel for the press conference and to get his sicko quest for money launched. It’s all a crock of crap to bleed someone for their money. What a creep this troll Egan is. He and his mother are acting like his butt is still sore after 15 years. He knew what he was doing at the time.He was raising his faggoty little hand and screaming “Me! Me? Me? Choose me.” He was so pleased at the time that he could cash in his penis and tush for a little film fame and now he wants us to feel sorry for him all the way to the bank. Some of the rest of you can but not me. I see an ingrate and a flim-flam blood sucker and I’m not buying it. You can feel sorry for him if you like–BUT NOT ME!

  • jar

    @Jake357: You’re a laugh riot. Let me break this down for you since you seem to have problems with basic comprehension and reasoning.

    You stated: “second-hand hearsay” is hyperbole, you dumb f*ck. It was meant to point out that without substance to his assertions, it might as well have been divined from tea leaves.” You call me a dumb f*ck, but you don’t even understanding the meaning of the word hearsay (which also makes your feeble attempt at hyperbole a failure as well). Here’s a primer: anything that Egan witnessed and testifies to is not hearsay, genius. It is direct evidence. His credibility, like that of all witnesses, will be assessed by a jury. Get an education before you start opining on the law.

    As for this: “My point, which you clearly lost in your vitriolic zeal to win the internet, was that there’s little point in demonizing these men before they’ve had their day in court.” I have made no statement about the guilt or innocence of any party involved in this matter, so your statement is pointless.

    Perhaps a little less time indulging your rage and more time with a book would be a good thing. Best

  • Cam


    And Singer’s lawyers supposedly have all of this proof that Singer was out of the country…and yet low and behold they haven’t produced anything, or used that “Proof” to get a cease and desist against this guy.

  • grouchy

    I don’t know who did the research on this story, but by no means is Gary Goddard a “Big Wig”. The company that he owned when all these shenanigans was going on went bankrupt owing everybody money. His partner now owns the name and all the debt. Rumor has it he was involved with Singer. Don’t believe Goddard’s website as all the accolades are prior to the bankruptcy. Ya gotta check your facts, folks.

  • xzall

    Ok, I’ll try this again. There’s an article out there from 2007 from Radar that goes into the original case against Marc Collins-REctor and the history of DEN. It mentions a 14 year old named Michael E who said he was raped by the three people who ran the company.

    One boy wrote a suicide note because he was so distraught over it but the note was found by the brother.

    There was another employee Alex who was of age but said he was also abused. He even took videos of the bagful of drugs they used to subdue him.

    Alex also said he was threatened with a gun. He claims: “On one occasion, Alex recalls, Collins-Rector asked a bodyguard to stand in the room wearing earmuffs. The DEN chairman told Alex the guard would choke him if he didn’t consent to sex. (Radar tracked down the guard in question, who had gone on to do security work for a big Hollywood talent agency. He confirmed the basics of the boy’s account and seemed disgusted by the memory. “Marc told me to put on the earmuffs and stand in the room facing him and Alex,” he says. “I was there for about two hours, but that is all I want to say about what happened.”)

    There’s much more in the article but you can see the possibility of evidence and eyewitnesses (go find that bodyguard) if stuff like this happened with any of the others named.

  • xzall

    This Radar article also dropped a few names that were involved with the DEN project. When Collins-REctor moved to LA it said : “Among their new acquaintances in Los Angeles were such industry heavies as David Geffen, uber-manager Sandy Gallin, then–NBC Entertainment president Garth Ancier, and Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer.”

    “The plan attracted major investments from key players in Hollywood, the tech industry, and Wall Street, ranging from Geffen and Singer to Intel, NBC, and Microsoft. Representative Michael Huffington wrote a check for $5 million after a lavish dinner party at M&C, boasting to a friend that he expected to reap at least a tenfold gain from his investment.”

    You’ll notice that a couple of these names, Ancier and Bryan Singer are being named in this lawsuit. I wonder if the others, Geffen, Gallin and even Michael Huffinton are sitting there worried as this lawyer is promising more lawsuits to come.

  • xzall

    To be clear and fair, that 2007 article only mentions the abuses being done by Collins-Rector and the two other founders of the company. There was no mention of Singer, or Ancier or anyone else committing any abuses. If it’s the same Michael E. in the article as the one filing suit, he only discussed that Rector was the one who raped him.

  • Stache99

    @xzall: What I remember was that the company’s founder was caught messing around with a 14 yo. It was a bad day for everyone. The company DEN was about to go public and it all came to a screeching halt. My roommate lost his job that day too. So I take it that the 14 yo was Michael Egan?

    The way I remember it though was there was some kind of payout to the parents to keep him quite and keep Marc Collins Rector out of prison.

    At any rate, if this is what I think it is then it’s far worse then I originally thought.

    One of those other people you mentioned was there too.

  • mydude

    The web widens.

  • xzall

    Actually in the article there was another boy who first sued Collins Rector. He was identified as Jake W and he claimed he was molested by Rector at the age of 13 (they met on an internet chat room) and it contd for 3 years. Rector ended up settling but that was the case that was the beginning of the end to the company.

    That also opened the floodgates for others like Michael E. and the others to file their complaints.

    The article actually was written because Collins Rector was spotted in UK at that time (2007) brazenly walking with another teenage boy. The picture ended up on the cover of UK Sun-=you can google it.

    Apparently he was very hard to prosecute. He had skipped town and ended up being discovered in the Spanish Riviera where the authorities recovered guns, machetes, jewels and child pornography. He ended up in a Spanish prison and fought extradition to the US for 2 years. When he finally got to the US he pled guilty to some minor child enticement charges where he just had to pay a fine. The article said since the crimes took place in Encino, it was up to L.A. to prosecute but for some reason the DA never did this.

    That’s why the victims went to civil courts and got a judgment of 4.5 million but they were unable to collect any of it as Rector claimed to have no money. However, the article said that Rector was really still wealthy but hiding his money in a company in his former partner’s name.

    But you can see the incentive for Egan to go after others since he couldn’t collect from the main abusers.

  • Stache99

    @xzall: Yeah, here’s a link to that..

    Ok that’s where I last left it then. When the kid sued I thought all was done. However now I know this was right before the shit really hit the fan. Michael Egan is just the next victim I guess. Poor guy.

    I have a very sick feeling in my stomach right now. I’ve been to this sh**bags house multiple times. I absolutely hate pedophiles too. I think it’s the worst crime you can commit. I just never knew it went as deep as it did.

    Oh he’s got money alright. How the fuck is he supporting his new boy toys. What an evil sick man. He needs to be punished. Same goes for anyone else who participated.

  • hotboyvb81

    they are both innocent until proven guilty- let’s see how it plays out- half of you are wrong, half are right…I’m sure we’ll find out- but no legal cases is over in a week. I’ve heard rumors about Singer/his parties, etc for years- any party scene like that is going to have SOMETHING seedy or criminal happen- from underaged drinking to possibly rape….why it’s important for people to grow up and associate with peers more than desires.

  • Robguy

    @JAW: we did? ok, maybe a few of them, but no where near the extent of the abuse. I guess we’ll see how far this goes.

  • ss2509

    Why did Egan wait for 16 years to come forward? $$$ maybe?

  • Cam


    Why are Singer’s lawyers saying they have proof that he wasn’t in the country at that time but haven’t come out there with it or filed for a dissmissal using it?

  • Throbert McGee


    Why did Egan wait for 16 years to come forward? $$$ maybe?

    Maybe it’s just about money.

    But maybe he waited because he knew he had been at least partly to blame for going along with it (he was 17, after all, and knew he liked men), and because he hadn’t been REALLY harmed very much, and he was willing to just get on with his life and let bygones be bygones…

    …but then he kept hearing rumors that Bryan Singer was a SERIAL exploiter of twinks — what happened between Singer and Egan way back then wasn’t a one-time thing; it’s what Bryan Singer IS, and Egan wants to stop Singer from using other gay teenage boys like FleshLights.

  • Niall

    @tookietookie: Except that he was actually the one responsible for what is regarded as the best Xmen film so far in the series- Xmen 2

  • Niall

    @Stache99: With all due respect, if you’re going to say it, you either say it OUTRIGHT or keep quiet about it. All these nonsensical tidbits and hints just make you seem gossipy and doesn’t lend any credence to your claims. You wouldn’t be the first or the last person to bullshit on the internet.

  • Stache99

    @Niall: You sound like your part of the Brian Singer fan club or maybe just a friend or partner.

    Speaking of hints. How can I answer to something so vague. This attack gives me sympathy for this guy though and the vicious people he’ll be up against.

    Gossip is something that comes through rumors. Since I was actually there then it wouldn’t technically be gossip.

  • xzall

    @Throbert McGee: I’m not sure he knew he liked men considering he claims to be straight.

  • Throbert McGee

    xzall: Oh, my bad — I thought he was a gay kid, not a str8 kid who got taken advantage of during a bike-curious phase.

  • Throbert McGee

    Also, guys, here’s something very important: A person can be “legally not guilty” but “ethically guilty as hell” at the same time.

    Since there seems to be lots and lots of credible evidence that Bryan Singer doesn’t understand the difference between a 20-ish twink and a FleshLight™, and that he possibly has a habit of giving twinks enough party drugs that the young man starts to think he really is just a plastic-and-silicone masturbation toy for another guy’s pleasure, PERHAPS we shouldn’t rush to circle the LGBT wagons around Mr. Singer just because he’s “one of us.”

    Yes, it’s possible he’ll turn out to be innocent in the strict legal sense (because Egan was over the age of consent in Hawaii, etc.), but that doesn’t mean he’s not a total creep.

  • Niall

    @Stache99: Not at all, I didn’t even find out the guy was gay until recently, so I’m not invested in him. I was just pointing out that dropping hints and saying “I don’t want to say too much, bla bla bla”, then dropping more hints just makes it seem like throwing little bits of shit up in the air and seeing which one sticks.

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