Three More Hollywood Power Players Join Bryan Singer On List Of Accused Sexual Abusers

michael-eganThe names keep on coming in the Bryan Singer teenage grab bag law suit.

At a press conference at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Monday, 33-year-old plaintiff Michael Egan added Hollywood executives Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard to the list of accused power players with a penchant for questionably consensual underage action.

And just how powerful are these guys? Lets have a look…

Garth Ancier: former president of BBC Worldwide America, former head of programming for Fox, NBC and the WB (that’s a lot of tween dramas to produce), head of year-old Quad Media Partners, formed to launch four fully curated linear TV networks

David Neuman: former president of Disney TV, previous employee of Digital Entertainment Network which is headed by Marc Collins-Rector, who was cited in Egan’s original lawsuit

Gary Goddard: produces live shows on and off Broadway as head of The Goddard Group, and runs a design firm that creates theme park attractions like Universal Studio’s Jurassic Park and Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

Well we can certainly see why Egan would first get the press’ attention with high profile director Singer then work his way down the Hollywood food chain, but these aren’t exactly small fish either.

The new suit claims that the sexual abuse also took place in Hawaii in 1999 (same as Singer), and Egan’s lawyer Jeff Herman has told the press that he expects more names to be released in the next few days.

If this is all a big publicity stunt, Egan sure is being thorough. And if it isn’t, it’ll surely spark some lively debate about abuse of power among some of Hollywood’s most elite gays.

Hopefully time will tell and it doesn’t turn into a full-blown circus, though it does seem to be heading that direction.