Three Things You Can Do Right Now To Help NY Marriage Equality

As the clock on the legislative session ticks down, the New York Senate has not yet taken up the Marriage Equality Bill; either because the GOPs still want more “religious exemptions” so churches and religious organizations can opt out of accommodating married gays or because the Senate also has to pass bills on rent regulations, property taxes, and other crap.

But our sources say the vote could happen as early as this evening, so there’s still time to help out!

1) Call Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and urge him to bring the marriage bill to the floor for a vote: 518-455-3171

2) Call the remaining swing NY senators.

3) You can watch the historical action at the NY Senate if and when the vote occurs at and

We’ll let you know as soon as the vote happens, but please take a minute or two to make these calls. They could help make history!