a shot at infamy

Tila Tequila Is Full-Blown Lesbian, But Her Past Straight Sex Tapes Haunt Her


We’ve never seen a dude more uninterested in receiving a blowjob that the unidentified man appearing in Tila Tequila’s sex tape. And for a bisexual woman who’s renounced her opposite-sex loving ways, we’ve never seen a gal more excited to have her hands on a penis.

As celebrity sex tapes go, this is not a Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee or a Kim Kardashian/Ray J. It’s no Paris Hilton. It’s not Dustin Lance Black. It’s 10 seconds of Tila and this guy’s face, a shot of her hands on his wang, and that’s it. We won’t be showing the tape here, because Tila is threatening lawsuits against anyone who shows it — it was stolen off her laptop, of course — but you kids are smart enough to find it if you really need to see it.

We’re just curious how this is going to play now that Tila claims to be all-lez, all the time.