Tim Tebow Got A Mani-Pedi. Is He Turning Metrosexual?

Tim Tebow may profess to have small-town Christian values, but the New York Jets’ new backup quarterback is looking more and more like a big-city boy by the day.

TMZ has gotten their paws on a photo of Tim at a nail salon getting a mani-pedi, allegedly taken this Tuesday in L.A.’s very gay West Hollywood neighborhood. Tim seems to be a fan of the place—he also had a bromantic dinner with Fred Durst there recently.

TMZ’s sources claim he was “very friendly” and dropped a huge tip on his $23 fingers-and-toes treatment.

Is the Teebster getting ready to suit up as a bona-fide New York City metrosexual?

Photo via TMZ

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  • yaph

    pretty sure he is staying the course as a Florida homosexual

  • William

    @yaph: Thank God I wasn’t drinking or eating anything. I’d be on the floor suffocating to death.

  • steve

    ugh, please stay in LA! leave us New yorkers alone

  • 1equalityUSA

    My o-meter is firing off.

  • mrbill

    you have to be straight to be a metrosexual

  • cam

    So any bets on how long it will be before he is at an HRC dinner getting some award for being a “Friend of the community”?

  • Red Meat

    @cam: Dick pic first.

  • cam

    @Red Meat:

    LOL!!! Right after he and a “Good Friend” are photographed backstage at a “Scissor Sisters” concert.

  • Frederick

    So the guy gets a manicure & pedicure…this is a newsworthy event?

  • Bi-Coastal

    @Frederick: For the gay community who has nothing better to do than try proving all human beings are secretly homosexual, yes, speculation like this is earth-shattering for them.

  • Michael

    @Bi-Coastal: Yup, that’s us. Trying to make everyone gay. Sorry, but Tebow is definitely a homosexual unless you can point out where in the Bible it states a man should not date woman due to morality.

  • Michael

    btw, can we just back off Tebow for a moment. Yes, he made a pro-life commercial for Focus on the Family but he has not yet once condemned gay people. Sure, we can make guesses but would that be “anti-gay” because he’s a “Christian” or “pro-gay” because he’s a gay man, closet and all?

  • tjr101

    Funny how the gay media always likes to speculate about the sexual orientation of only good looking celebrities. Kind of reeks of desperation.

  • Avesraggiana

    I think he’s been on our team all along. The poor dumb jock just doesn’t know it yet..

  • M


    You mean in the same desperate way that women speculate if their favorite (of course, good looking) celebrity is gay, married or single?

  • Jon

    Maybe he’s just trying to have nice nails?

  • mattsy

    getting a mani-pedi in West Hollywood? Yup, he’s gay.

  • Michael

    @tjr101: What reeks of desperation is your self loathing comment. Sorry, but when a man tries to use his morality as an excuse as to why he’s not dating women then some of us can figure out what’s up.

    The only desperation on this thread is you, my dear friend.

    Let me guess, you don’t get laid very much, do you?

  • JD

    I don’t know any gay males that get mani-pedis. So to insinuate he’s gay because he’s getting one is beyond stereotyping.

  • no one

    we used to play around together in highschool. He was always the bottom and never wanted to top.

  • James DuPlessis

    He is waiting for Jesus Christ to fuck him for Easter. No one tops like Christ!

  • Moo

    I’ve never had a manicure or a pedicure, and I definitely am gay, so I guess that dispels any idea that there might be a correlation.

  • Hephaestion

    If you’ve ever seen him, you will have little doubt that he is gay. But he’s from an environment that filled his head with so many lies that it may take him a long time to accept that he is gay, and as a football player he probably fears ending his career before he’s made his mark if he comes out. So don’t expect him to come out anytime soon. We should be nice to him so he won’t think all gays are the crazy assholes his family has told him we are.

  • avesraggiana

    “We should be nice to him so he won’t think all gays are the crazy assholes his family has told him we are.”

    Hear! Hear! We should leave him alone. Still, when he DOES come out, I’ll be so proud of him, and I’ll be able to gloat over all my straight football buddies and shout, “I told you so!”

  • Rockery

    GO GIRL!

  • Ok, ok

    West Hollywood is hardly a “gay neighborhood”, there are gays here, but it’s mostly straight yuppies with trust funds.

    That said Tinkerbell is so painfully average she wouldn’t be noticed here anyway unless it’s by some gold-digging whore who’s looking to cash in. Gay, straight, bi…doesn’t even matter. Pretty > Rich > Career > Personality, welcome to LA.

    Besides we all know this chick is gay and beyond fem so why keep pretending there’s some mystery to solve?

  • Dean Lowry

    Queerty – you make law school bearable with your Tebow articles. We need more! xoxo

  • tjr101

    @Michael: Your comment is quite immature and lacks logic. I am in no way defending Tim Tebow, I get turned off by his self-righteous morality as much as anyone else.

    It is a fact that gay media only speculate about the sexuality of good looking celebrities, there is no desperation involved in seeing that. “My dear friend,” I am not you friend thank you and your comment about me not getting laid is more of a high school jibe and quite laughable.

    PS. I get more that enough “my dear friend.”

  • David C

    Where the HELL do you get a $23 Mani/Pedi???? Especially in WeHo! Does that include cuticles?? Did he have a coupon?

  • Michael

    @tjr101: Masturbation doesn’t count dude.

    And you’re not too quick on the draw, are you? There is way more going on here then the gay media speculating about a good looking celebrity being gay. Tebow uses his faith and morality as an excuse as to why he doesn’t date women. Let me state this again… I know the Bible very, very well when it comes to what it really states about homosexuality and NOWHERE does it state that a man must not date women in order to obtain good morality. Besides that, he acts like a flaming queen and that, IMO, just makes him even cuter.

    btw, Tebow really is that “good looking” so freshen up on what is and what isn’t and learn to deal with reality.

  • Michael

    umma, isn’t that good looing so…

  • tjr101

    @Michael: “Masturbating doesn’t count.” Stop projecting.

    I couldn’t careless what you know about the bible. I didn’t ask for it, now run along and continue reading. I stated that the gay media love to speculate about the sexuality of good looking celebrities only because Tebow is just another example along with Zack Efron and Will Smith just to name a few. Queerty along with other gay blogs does this.

    Let me state this again, in no way am I defending Tim Tebow and I don’t care anymore about his bible beliefs or you’re supposed knowledge of it.

    It’s funny that from my first comment you’ve gone off on a tangent ranting about what you think you know about my personal life. Your comments reflect who you are more than anything else.

  • Robert in Jersey City.

    all I see is another hater closet case hiding behind God.

  • Dr. Dick

    @tjr101: What about all the “Ms. Marcus Bachman” jokes, or Jason “#MasturbationMeltdown” Russell? “Attractive” is a relative term. (And Zac Effron, Will Smith? Gross!)

  • Shannon1981

    Is he turning into a metrosexual?

    Nah, he’s just showing us a bit more of the homosexual he always was.

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