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TMZ Reader “Disgusted” By Harvey Levin’s Gay Ways

Homophobes pop up in the darndest places! TMZ recently featured Bill Gates’ satirical “life after Microsoft” video in which he jokes about taking the White House, of which TMZ’s nameless writers write, “Not a terrible idea — the last Bill we had in the office worked out fine.” Such political commentary didn’t sit well with a little reader called “Disgusted,” who blames gay managing editor and producer Harvey Levin:

I wouldn’t call getting impeached working out fine. In fact, that was rather embarassing for our country.

You’ll find that this website will tend to project their liberal bias and pionts of view. The reason why is that Harvey Levin is a homosexual. A lot of people are unaware of this fact.

Hence, the liberal bias in the TMZ staff’s commentaries. Homosexual activists will promote anything left-wing and liberal to promote their agenda.

That’s so true! We’re like robots with a primary objective. Levin’s our leader.