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Top Ten LGBT Literary Figures of all Time — What, no Dumbledore?

The gay nerds over at Gay-Nerds.com are counting down their top ten favorite literary LGBT characters, beginning with Sam Clay in Kavalier & Clay.

That’s a good start, but then they move on to Nancy Astley in Tipping the Velvet — which is a fine choice, but in the top ten? Hmmmm maybe. Then they get back on track with the #8 pick, E.M. Forester’s Maurice.

That leaves us with just seven let to be unveiled, and we are on the edge of our seats. Will they resist the urge to include Dumbledore? And will there be any comics on the list? For that matter, has there ever been an LGBT comic book character to rival E.M. Forester? No, Archie‘s Kevin doesn’t count, even if he did get his own four-part spinoff.