Top Ten Overused Setups In Gay Adult Films

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 1.39.49 PMYou could say we’re all experts on some level in the gay adult film industry — we can’t be the only ones who’ve been doing diligent research over the years.

But it’s safe to say that Randy Blue knows even more. They do produce the stuff, after all.

You’ve probably seen some of these setups a few (hundred) times, which makes us wonder what the big untapped market is that’s yet to be discovered. Or is everyone just holding out until virtual reality is more of a thing?

Here’s Randy Blue’s “top 10 overused gay porn scenarios” with Diego Sans and Scotty Marx.


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  • DarkZephyr

    OK this actually made me laugh, though I expect a lot of snark to follow below.

  • Stache99

    I just want to point out this is commercial and Queerty should be telling people this;)

  • Trippy

    Maybe I’m just too old and jaded but I gave up on professional porn a decade or so ago. The acting, the scripts, the posing, the fake moans, the phony set-ups, the too perfect twink bodies, ugh… all just so predictable.

    Once I discovered the amateur settings on xtube and hamster, I was hooked. I’d much rather watch real people having real sex (warts and all) than a bunch of “porn stars” pretending to have the best sex ever.

  • Trippy

    PS: If any of you guys have a hamster site with self-made vids, please post a link. I’m sure we’d all like to see them. ;-)

  • redcarpet30

    @Stache99: Welcome to the world of sponsored content and native advertising. Queerty doesn’t have to do shit.

  • Scott Gatz

    @redcarpet30: @Stache99: This is not a paid advertisement, just something our editors thought was funny. We always mark anything that is sponsored with a Sponsored By module.

  • money718

    That was actually funny.

  • Xzamilio

    I won’t lie… my charred blackened heart was ready with the piss and vinegar, but this was genuinely funny. Diego’s hair tho… ugh (BLAM!!! Bitch puddin’!!)

  • ChgoReason

    Kinda lame… If only because it is not only one studio throwing out cheesy porn by the crack pipe. I mean by the industry.


    I liked him “straight” ..just bros being bros, bruhs! Otherwise can’t use. And the cherubic-faced one is practically female above the neck. Total boner killer for me; YMMV

  • Cam

    Ok, the foreign one made me laugh. lol

  • AJAnders

    Very funny video.

    I know all the plots are lame and cliches of cliches, but I kind like a little plot added to porn. Randy Blue for the most part, just interviews the performers and then they have sex. And sometimes you hear the directors giving them directions while they are f*cking which, strangely, they don’t edit out.

    I don’t mind the tired clichés but that was still a funny video.

  • myloginname

    That was funny…and yes, I will probably watch on the 10th to see these guys in action.

  • Draco77

    @Xzamilio: You just gave me life with the Blam Bitch Puddin *most people do not know what that is from*lol that was funnier than the video.

  • MarionPaige

    the classic / most used setup in gay adult is the amateur interview / jo. I guess it can’t be make fun of too much because everyone is still using it. It was the inspiration for a male fashion campaign (Calvin Klein i believe).

    The films of french director Jean Daniel Cadiniot are the inspiration for much of what we see in European gay adult. One of the classic Cadinot setups that was the inspiration for a tv commerical (and countless photos) is guys who go into laundrymats and wash their clothes – the clothes they are wearing. In the Cadinot original, when the guys put on their clothes after the sex, you see that one of them is a priest.

    Maybe guys in Paris really did go into laundrymats and washed the clothes they were wearing.

  • jwtraveler

    The guys are cute and porn does need more humor. Frankly, I find it hot when guys laugh during sex. However, @Trippy: I really don’t want to see any warts in porn, nor chancres, discharges or any other signs of STDs.

  • grero

    It’s nice to see Zayn Malik getting into man-on-man sex.

  • dannysax

    I do agree that some of these have been overused, but I guess they represent someone’s fantasy. I personally think they should have included the camping/hiking/nature scenario, the coach/player/team scenario, and the cowboy/farmhand scenario (everyone likes a “roll in the hay”). And yes, I have always wanted to give the pizza delivery boy an extra “reward.”

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