Tori Spelling Is Getting a Will & Grace-y Talk Show. Who Should Play the Homo?

Back when Tori Spelling was playing a fictional version of herself on television, her main gay was Zachary Quinto, the now-blockbuster movie star. Now ABC wants to give Tori her own talk show, and they’re searching for a male counterpart. A gay male counterpart.

Producers are looking for a Will & Grace vibe for the show, says the LAT, and they haven’t yet identified who will play Tori’s neurotic, perpetually single, and needy co-host. And if they need a Will, there’s a way (sorry!), and it means her real-life husband Dean McDermott — who also plays her husband on Oxygen reality show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood — isn’t being considered.

And of course, just because they pick somebody, and shoot a pilot, doesn’t mean the show will actually air. To get a daytime talker on the air, it’s likely ABC would have to kill off one of its soap operas — a bloody affair, but not an unthinkable one. Or it could fill Oprah‘s soon-to-be vacant time slot, though no television exec would compare Tori’s draw to that of Big O.

So who should Tori’s sensible main gay be? Starlets like Paris Hilton have whole reality shows about finding their new buddies, but we suggest something entirely more practical and budget-conscious: Let people vote via Twitter.