WATCH: Canadian Pro Footballers Would Welcome A Gay Teammate

Though the NFL is slowly becoming more LGBT-inclusive, its Canadian equivalent, the CFL, has been making strides for a while.

The Toronto Argos’ Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program is currently in its 12th year and the team invited LGBT athletic supporter You Can Play to discuss homophobia in sports.

Canadian queer news outlet Xtra! spoke with Argos offensive lineman Joe Eppele and impressively mustachioed wide receiver/Matt Bomer doppelganger Mike Bradwell, who said they would embrace a gay teammate.

“We have a very welcoming locker room,” said Eppele. “I’m sure some of the guys would feel off about it at first but I think everybody would warm up to it. ”

Bradwell agrees, and wouldn’t rule out a team walk in Toronto’s Pride Parade. “Why not? We’re a pretty diverse team. We’re accepting of everything, so why not?”

We hope Bradwell knows we’re taking that as a verbal agreement consisting of a stipulation requiring all players to be shirtless.