Trans Man Joins The Cast Of AMC’s Reality Series Small Town Security

AMC’s new reality show, Small Town Security, is different from your usual unscripted series we write about. For one, the cast is hardly dripping in diamonds and Dom Perignon like the Housewives ladies. But, more importantly, it’s the only show on television with a trans man in its cast.

Security, which debuted last night after Breaking Bad, follows the staff of JJK Security and Investigations in Ringgold, Georgia. Toward the end of the premiere, we meet Lt. Dennis Croft, a former member of the Armed Forces who is making an appearance on a talk show hosted by his boss at JJK, Joan Koplan. It was five years ago, on the same show, that Croft came out as transgender to his rural Georgia community. Though not everyone has understood his journey, Croft says being able to share an important part of himself has enabled him to “feel free.”

Who says there’s nothing good on TV?

Small Town Security airs on Sunday nights at 11pm on AMC.