Trans Teen Charged With Battery For Fending Off Bullies, CBS Coverage Calls Her “A Male”

Jewlyes G_0A 16-year-old transgender student from California is being charged with battery for retaliating against a group of relentless bullies who reportedly spit in her face. The altercation, which can be seen in the video below, shows three female students attacking Jewlyes, the transgender student, who CBS is exclusively referring to as “a male.”

According to CBS (which we’ll mention again, is referring to a transgender woman as “male“), all four students involved have been suspended and two of the bullies who initiated the altercation reported suffering from “minor scratches” and “pain to her wrist.”

Due to the injuries Jewlyes inflicted in self-defense, Senior Deputy District Attorney Daniel J. Cabral is charging her with battery. A petition in Jewlyes’ defense has been set up by her sister, and offers another side of the story:

One of the girls who attacked Jewlyes had repeated bullied her – even spitting gum in her face. Jewlyes sought help from the assistant principal in fear of her physical safety but the issue was not properly addressed, no necessary action was taken by the administration. The bullying continued.

Extra, Extra! A school district is claiming to protect their students by encouraging them to report bullying to administrators that don’t care! You read it here first, folks!

“We want parents and students to know that if anyone ever feels threatened or bullied or that they are in danger in any way, they can go to the principal or a teacher and let them know,” said Marin Trujillo, a spokesman for the West Contra Costa Unified School District.

Both Trujillo and Cabral have denied comment on the situation, which will hopefully change now that Jewlyes’ story seems to be gaining more traction with the media. Maybe now CBS will also stop referring to Jewlyes, a trans woman, as “a male”?

[Image: GLAAD]