Trans Woman Shot To Death In Hollywood As Transgender Day of Remembrance Nears

Sunday is International Transgender Day of Remembrance, commemorating trans people whose lives have been lost to violence.

Over 119 trans people were murdered in the first nine months of 2011 alone.

Now, sadly, we can add Cassidy Vickers to that list.

Vickers was killed by an unknown assailant last night around 10pm, near the intersection of Lexington Avenue and Gower Street in Hollywood. The suspect, said to be a 5’ 9” black man between the ages of 20 aand 30, shot Vickers in the chest with a semi-automatic pistol and ran off. Nearly an hour later, the same assailant is believed to have shot another black trans woman. She, fortunately, survived to contact the police.

According to authorities, the man is still at large, still armed and still dangerous.

Light a candle for Ms. Vickers on Sunday, and pray that others like her might stay safe.

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  • cynthialee

    When will we be left alone to live in peace?
    How many of us must die?

  • Gregor

    Damn all of these bigoted sons a bitches

  • Jessie

    This is very a unfortunate tragedy I hope they find the suspect soon. Them working girls out in hollywood better be safe pulling tricks out and around that area.

  • Canadian Crone

    Another reason we need to Occupy. The 1% is willing to marginalize and endanger the most vulnerable people.

  • D Smith

    que the transphobic bigots of queerty posting an asshat comment in 3… 2… 1…

  • tony

    see what cops have it is all wrong perhaps… this tranny would always walk up the street selling herself and buying meth in the building next door.. it was bound to happen n doubt the plummer park 1 is not the same guy… i mean its sad to say the where i live is a tranny prostitution area but it happended it happened, drug deal gone bad? perhaps, but with these street like that tranny all around is any of them really safe or any of us who live in the area?!? lapd should clean of the streets from tranny prostitutes is this is gonna go on… and many of us dont like having to go out at night or every morning to see them getting picked up n dropped off.. especially around the corner where r.i.p tranny was shot dead…

  • missanthrope

    It’s pretty disgusting that because she’s a trans woman of color people jump to the assumption that she’s a “working girl” or involved with drugs when the story mentioned nothing about her being a sex worker or anything about drug.

    Talk about a bunch of racist fucks.

  • Kenny

    I’m a bit disturbed by how few comments there are on this post and I think I’m seeing a pattern.

  • Gregor

    @ Kenny
    what? that the vast majority of people who visit this site are just a bunch of bigots who could give less of a fuck about anyone unless they happen to middle class white gay/lesbian

  • R.A.

    Uh, who killed this woman?

  • CBRad

    @R.A.: Andrew Belonsky would spit, lisp, and sputter: “It was no doubt committed by some classist racist upper-crust straight white male athlete whose privilege makes him think such people can just be disposed of..!!!!!!!..”

  • fred

    It’s so convenient that you left out the part that many of these people are involved in prostitution and other nefarious activities on the streets. Women are killed all the time in these situations, but because these cases are trans they are held up to be some sort of martyrs.

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