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Transgender Woman Banned From Performing In Selena Tribute

A transgender performer in Corpus Christi, TX has been denied the chance to perform in an upcoming tribute to her idol Selena and is claiming discrimination from one of the organizers of the event.

Honey Andrews told Action 10 News that she was informed by the coordinator of the upcoming tribute, Mario Gomez, that “nobody wants to see a male person dress up like a girl.” Of course, Andrews wasn’t taking that answer lying down.

Even though Gomez later explained that his words were based on feedback from a previous year’s performance, Andrews wasn’t having it:

“I had to read it like three times to so I could even get it through. You know? Understand. Oh my God I can’t believe. You know, I am over here try to do something good. Do something for Selena. I am sure she would not approve of something like that.”

Watch below, and join us in wondering how Jennifer Lopez would handle this.