Treat Yourself

Dieux Du Stade

Honey. We know you’re stressed. We know you still have holiday shopping to do, that you still have a few more parties to attend, and that you are going home this week. Christmas/ Hanukkah can take its toll on any good Gay.

That is why we have a present for you. Enough with treating other people. Think about yourself for a minute. We have a copy of the DVD for the making of the Dieux Du Stade calendar. Yes, you know the one with the French National Rugby Team wearing absolutely nothing. Yum.

The person to send us the best holiday horror story by the end of the day will win. Those of you not lucky enough to win should snatch up a copy. These may be the hottest guys we’ve ever seen.

Dieux du Stade: Making of the 2006 Calendar [Amazon]
Everything about Dieux Du Stade [Oh La La Paris]