Trolling Tuesday: The Return

Oh, gee! Prepare to blush, readers, because we’re reviving everyone’s favorite freak show: Trolling Tuesday!

Here’s the deal: we need you guys and gals to send in the freakiest, saddest, most repulsive and cootie-ridden missives from Craigslist, then we post them, comment and we all have a good laugh.

For an example of what we’re looking for, consider this call from an industrious fellow looking to be turned into an expert in fellatio:

As my training proceeds, I understand my trainers may take me to parties, bars, etc. for in-service training and evaluation, or sometimes bring in buddies to push my skill levels and test me as we go along. If you are interested in training me please let me know about your training methods, location, availability and which specific technique you want to train me in and use me for. Thanks.

When you finish with me I want to be able to supply the best oral service for men ranging from truck drivers to businessmen, to anonymous glory hole users. I want them begging to have me service them over and over. And, of course, my instructors will always get serviced as they have taught me.

So, basically, you get what you give – which exactly is what Trolling Tuesday is all about!