True Blood‘s Eric Finally Sinks Something Other Than Fangs Into Another Dude

If you thought the first instance of hot man-on-man True Blood sex would take place between Lafayette and Jesus, or even Bill and Sam, you were wrong. (Major spoilers ahead.)

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That honor goes to Eric Northman and Talbot, the bitchy queeny partner of Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi. Giving Russell a chance to run off and capture Sookie, Eric stays back at the mansion with Talbot for some … chess paying. “It’s been a long time since I’ve done this … with a vampire,” coos Eric.

And just when Talbot thinks he’s going to get the pounding of a lifetime? Eric exacts the ultimate revenge against Russell, who killed his family, like, a bajillion years ago.

Unprotected anal sex doesn’t kill. Vampires do.