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TV star questions “Why am I always naked?” before giving fans a private show

Things got awfully deep recently on Alexandra Burke’s Instagram story.

To set the scene: There’s Alexandra, the British singer/songwriter and current contestant on massively popular Strictly Come Dancing (think Dancing with the Stars, but way more British).

She’s got her camera focused on a dressing room mirror, where the devastatingly handsome Gorka Marquez hovers ever so handsomely.

“Why am I always naked?” asks Gorka.

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We assume he’s referring to the gymnosophists, the ancient philosophers who regarded clothing as detrimental to the purity of thought.

The Greek word gymnosophist translates to ‘naked sage’ or ‘naked sophist,’ and it’s a rather interesting historical footnote for Gorka to bring up.

“I know. Why? Why?” replies Alexandra before adding, “Eight-pack. Go on. Yes, yes, work it, twerk it, twerk it. Yas!”

OK, so maybe this isn’t so deep after all, but that’s not why you came here, is it?

Here’s some more from Gorka: