Two Much For School

“Two Boys Kissing” Is Too Hot For A Virginia High School Library


A Virginia high school library is heating up with opposition to the gay-themed YA title Two Boys Kissing, and administrators will soon convene to consider a ban on the book.

Two Boys Kissing, which on the 2013 National Book Award long list, centers around two teen ex-boyfriends who team up to kiss for 32 hours straight and set a new Guinness World Record. Their journey then opens up dialogue about sexuality and gender identity among their classmates and parents.

Naturally, someone found such explicit and salacious content as cause for concern and took her fight to the highest levels in order to get the book banned from the Fauquier County High School library.

Concerned Local Parent Jessica Wilson was shocked at the content of the book, and shared her opinions with FHS student newspaper The Falconer.

“My first thought was that I was shocked. My second thought was, ‘Who purchased this book and why?’ This book just kind of felt snuck in the by library. I can’t imagine that there wasn’t another, more appropriate book they could have purchased that would have appealed to a wider audience.”

We imagine that there were some pearls being very tightly clutched when that statement was given.

School librarian Becca Isaac sees very little cause for concern about the book, and points to the school’s library policies that prefer material that covers a wide range of views on current affairs. A higher level committee will meet on April 23rd to interview Wilson, and a public hearing will follow.

Two Boys Kissing, however, continues to fly off of shelves and we’re betting that the students don’t even care. Because we all know that controversy is the last thing that’s going to attract teenagers to read a book. Well played, Ms. Wilson.