Two Filipino Nationals Nabbed In Saudi “Gay Raid”

The arrest of fifty-five at a “gay party” in Saudi Arabia could turn into an international incident.

The Philippine embassy has confirmed that two of their nationals were seized in that raid. While embassy officials haven’t mentioned any specifics, they say they’re actively working with the Saudis to resolve the situation:

[A] report quoted David Dicang, Labor Attache of the Philippine embassy in charge of the Eastern Province that Filipinos were among those apprehended.

“I know that some Filipinos have been arrested in that area and we are trying to help them,” Dicang said.

Dicang could not yet give any comment on the nature of the case but added that the embassy is working with police to extend assistance to Filipino workers.

Homo loving is perfectly legal in the Philippines, so we’re hoping the Embassy’s efforts can spread some gay appreciation among the Saudis. We doubt that will happen, but it’s best to remain optimistic.