TX State Rep. Leo Berman Will Not Support The ‘Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transvestite’ Agenda

Leo Berman, the Texas Republican state rep, has already outed himself as a proud birther. Now, in case you thought he might be something else, Berman has outed himself as a proud bigot who simply can’t support the “transvestite” community because, after all, he’s a conservative. I love this country!

Speaking yesterday on Austin’s KXAN Sunday morning show Session ’11, Berman faced off against Dallas Democratic Rep. Rafael Anchia on fun topics including gay adoption. Anchia, who supports efforts to make it easier for gay parents, including letting birth certificates name two mommies or two daddies, says, “Many times the children who are adopted by these single-gender families want the birth certificate to adequately describe their parents. And if it doesn’t, many times it creates problems, with respect to one parent being able to visit a child in the hospital if they’re very sick. It creates problems in terms of inheritance. And we had a very compelling hearing last session — I was pleased that the chairwoman of Public Health gave it a hearing — where these children talked about the difficulties it creates in their lives.”

But to Berman, it was one giant conspiracy theory: “Well I’m not going to dispute Rafael. I know he’s a very compassionate man. But it’s just like camouflaging an issue. This bullying issue in school, it’s a GLBT issue. It’s a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite issue.”

Interjects Anchia: “Transgender.”

Berman: “I’m sorry. Transgender and transvestie. You cross-dress and you’re a transvestite, I guess. But anyway, I don’t support that at all. … I am a conservative and I don’t support the agenda that the gay, lesbian, transvestite? I’m sorry, what is that word?”

Anchia:“It’s the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community.”

Berman: “Transgender community.”

Anchia: “GLBT.”

Berman: “GLBT. I don’t support their agenda at all.”

Yeah. Their rainbow flag is just one big means of camouflage and blending in, isn’t it.