Tyson Beckford Calls Solo Video “Not Much Of A Sex Tape”

The Bible of respectable celebrity information, TMZ, is reporting that someone’s shopping a solo jack-off tape featuring actor/model Tyson Beckford (Make Me a Supemodel). But Beckford, who appears in the upcoming celebrity dating show The Choice, hopped on Twitter to say the 45-minute video ain’t all that.

The star, still smokin’ at 41, tweeted “Don’t even faze me… We all do it, just mine got caught on film” and said it was “not much of a sex tape lol.”

We’ll be the judge of that Tyson.

But, seriously, 45 minutes to rub one out seems like a long-ass time. What were you using—your feet? We definitely need to see this tape.

Photo: Jgro888