Tyson Beckford Calls Solo Video “Not Much Of A Sex Tape”

The Bible of respectable celebrity information, TMZ, is reporting that someone’s shopping a solo jack-off tape featuring actor/model Tyson Beckford (Make Me a Supemodel). But Beckford, who appears in the upcoming celebrity dating show The Choice, hopped on Twitter to say the 45-minute video ain’t all that.

The star, still smokin’ at 41, tweeted “Don’t even faze me… We all do it, just mine got caught on film” and said it was “not much of a sex tape lol.”

We’ll be the judge of that Tyson.

But, seriously, 45 minutes to rub one out seems like a long-ass time. What were you using—your feet? We definitely need to see this tape.

Photo: Jgro888

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  • QJ201

    We will be the judge if it is any good!

    All that matters is that we get a good view of the package!

  • cam

    Maybe they were hanging a picture of Bristol Palin up in the room to delay the money shot.

  • jackpapa

    Hey, if you are really good at it, and listen to your body, and take your time, you can make it last all afternoon. Way to go Tyson. Your attitude is perfect (too, lol).

  • Belize

    It was probably meant to be a duo but the man is so in love with himself that he decided to stuff his partner under the bed and go solo. Sorry. Conceited, racist hicks just don’t do it for me. Next.

  • MikeyM

    I want to see.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Hey, if you are really good at it, and listen to your body, and take your time, you can make it last all afternoon.


    If I’m going to do something that takes all afternoon, it’ll be to drive to Montreal and get laid.

  • Bob

    Hell, if I looked like Tyson Beckford, I’d be jerking off in Macy’s window at
    rush hour.

  • Julius

    Nobody has fully seen the video it’s not a solo show it’s a side by side recording of both parties
    So it’s of him and the girl. I watched it. Verrry hot, interesting and laughable as well. :)))

  • cam


    There’s a girl in it? How DARE they force their sexuality on people?!?!!? lol

  • n900mixalot

    @jason: Ahh yes, keeping it reeeeeal classy on Queerty, aren’t we?

    Oriental is for OBJECTS–e.g., rugs and furniture. PEOPLE are Asian, say it with me … AAAASSIIIAAANNNNNN.

    And who the f*ck caaaares what the h*ll YOU are attracted to? Rather see his junk than read your idiotic, unnecessary comments.

    How about you keep those in YOUR pants.

  • Cameron

    God he is hot and he is even older than me.

  • J Stratford


  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @n900mixalot: Cheers and snaps for a great comment.

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