Uganda Is Trying To Sneak The “Kill The Gays” Bill Under Our Noses

Uganda’s largest independent newspaper, the Daily Monitor reported that the Ugandan Cabinet had thrown out the infamous “Kill the Gays” bill. The Cabinet says that the country doesn’t need a bill to jail all gays, HIV-positive people, and those who don’t report them to police since Uganda already has laws criminalizing homosexuality. But only the Parliament can dismiss bills and it looks like they’ll be able to pick up the “Kill the Gays” bill after they pass a budget this Wednesday.

This is officially the zombie bill that will not die. It has more lives than the feline offspring of Rasputin.

Jim Burroway from the Box Turtle Bulletin says, “This would indicate that not only is the bill very much alive, but is being actively worked in Parliament. If so, then the bill’s backers were already successful in reviving the bill without garnering any notice from the news media.”

This bill returns amid attacks on Ugandan LGBT organizations and the revelation that Michele Bachmann’s religious outreach organizer has ties to the Ugandan hate minister championing the bill.