Ugandan Soccer Chief Arrested After Gay Photo Gossip

smokedout-360x235News comes today of more human rights abuses in Uganda, where an anti-gay tabloid published graphic photos of the head of a national soccer team.

Last year, the evil Red Pepper tabloid ran photos of Chris Mubiru having sex with men … or at least, so they claimed. Details and facts were scant, and it’s unclear where the photos came from or if they’re real.

Mubiru fled the country for a bit, but police arrested him upon his return.

Now he’s officially been charged, and released on bond after paying about $30,000.

Conditions are still quite dire for LGBTs in Uganda. Antiquated colonial laws and misinformation have led to widespread abuse, from harassment to torture to murder. A pending bill would go even further, strengthening punishments for gay men.

Edwin Sesange, director of African LGBTI Out & Proud Diamond Group is pleading for regional leaders to join a campaign to educate the public and repeal these laws. They have their work cut out for them if all it takes to ruin a man’s life is a couple of sketchy photos in a gossip magazine.