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Uganda’s Anglican Church Loves the Kill The Gays Bill. Except the Part That Could Imprison Priests

The Church of Uganda, the branch of the Anglican Communion there and led by the Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, has at last joined the chorus of voices on the nation’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill. So let it be known, once and for all, the Church does not support the bill. Well, they don’t support one tiny, self-serving part of it. All the rest, they like!

The Church is just fine with the bill’s calling for the death penalty for gays who have sex with minors, the disabled, or while HIV-positive. The one thing they don’t want lawmakers to do is allow prison time for anyone who fails to report alleged homosexuals, which could put doctors and — egads! — church pastors in jeopardy of going to jail if they dare stumble upon A Gay and, rather than turn him in, try to counsel him with Jesus’s message.

Otherwise, besides a clause recommending “language that strengthens the existing Penal Code to protect the boy child, especially from homosexual exploitation; to prohibit lesbianism, bestiality, and other sexual perversions; and to prohibit procurement of material and promotion of homosexuality as normal or as an alternative lifestyle, be adopted,” the Church of Uganda, which counts about a third of Ugandans among its flock, says in its statement that it wants to “ensure that homosexual practice or the promotion of homosexual relations is not adopted as a human right.”


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  • tinkerbell

    Why do gays continue to reconcile to Christianity??? Illogical at the best, extremely irrational at the worst. (Scratching head, here, why anyone would want to subscribe to such a hateful set of beliefs???)

  • schlukitz

    No. 1 · tinkerbell

    I have been asking myself the same question over, and over and over.

    It is a dichotomy that escapes all rationale.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 1 and @No. 2 (Hello Schlukitz)

    [Let me state that I am anti-religious; I believe organized religion belittles God with inept human characteristics about the forces that created the Universe. ]

    There is a huge difference between the dogma spewed by bigots and hypocrites of organized Christian churches and the teachings of Christ. It is an unfortunate reality that organized Christian churches fail to teach Christ lessons and fall back on the Old Testament, in a pick-and-choose teachings. But then, if they followed Christ, then there would be no churches of grandeur, no popes and archbishops, dressed in gold embroidery, no private jets, no “pope-mobiles”, no lies and hidden texts. It is organized Christian churches that fail Christ.

  • schlukitz

    Hi Mike in Asheville,

    What you say , is all too true.

    I recall, as a young, impressionable child, sitting in St. Joan of Ark in E. Elmhurst, NY, thinking the very same thoughts to myself.

    Even then, something struck me as very wrong that the church should indulge itself in such an ostentatious display of wealth, while they were supposedly collecting donations for the poor.

    I always wondered exactly how much of that money went towards supporting the opulence of the church, and how how actually reached the poor.

    Even now, I still ask that same question, especially since no one makes them reveal their finances as a tax-exempt organization.

  • Gary

    Where does one even start… “The Most Reverend Henry… blah blah blah…” How ignorant can people in the 21st century get, even to listen to these cleric idiots?

  • schlukitz

    No. 5 · Gary

    How ignorant can people in the 21st century get, even to listen to these cleric idiots?

    Does the name Sarah Palin come to mind? ;P

  • Peter Wejuli

    This article is untrue. The the exception that was emphasized was the part about the DEATH PENALTY! It was clearly stated in a statement run by all the local tabloids and radio stations. Why would anyone post something that is so blatantly untrue? A little research in the newspaper archives will set the record straight for anyone who desires to find out the truth before MAKING UNFOUNDED COMMENTS ABOUT THE CHURCH! While it is true that there are failings within the Church, is it not just as hypocritical to believe anything you read on some random website without checking it out first???

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