UK Music Supplement Totally Fags Out

As you know, we absolutely adore tips from our readers. It’s nice to have a few extra pairs of eyes out in the homonet, because otherwise so many juicy bits’ll go unnoticed. For example, we never would have known that The Observer ran an all-gay music issue yesterday had a charming reader not sent us this link.

While the issue’s headlined by an interview between Elton John and Jakes Shears (in which John laments all the teenage sex he could have had had he come out earlier and has some choice words on religion, which we’ll get to in the next posting), the really juicy bits comes in the form of more obscure topics.

For example, Jon Savage‘s piece delves into the history of a gay record producer named Joe Meek, who produced the first gay-pop single only to shoot himself six months later. Meanwhile, Stuart Brumfitt takes a tour through the seemingly-contradictory world of gay ragga clubs, Ed Vulliamy tracks the trials and tribulations of the The Village People and a bevy of gay movers and shakers offer their favorite queer pop culture memories. Don’t think you’ll see any Lance Bass action here, readers. Boy George remembers his first sighting of David Bowie, Peter Tatchell pens a little ditty on the first pride anthem and Morrissey lauds Bruce Wayne Campbell’s glam rock alter ego, Jobriath.

Now that’s something to sing about. (If that’s not a gay comment, nothing is…)