Underwear Hottie Colby Melvin Stands Up For Fired Gay Educator

You’ve probably heard about the story of Mark Zmuda, a vice principal in Washington State who was fired for marrying his husband. The students at Eastside Catholic School rose up in protest, organizing protests at the school, through social media, and at public events.

And now there’s a national day of protest: January 31. According to the newly-formed Stand with Mr. Z Foundation:

On January 31, 2014, social media profile pictures will be changed to reflect the orange Z and at 10:00am Pacific Standard Time, the students will all stand up for Mr. Z. Wherever you are, stand up for a minute of silent solidarity with students, members of the community and business professionals in Washington State, across the United States and abroad. Take a stand for Mr. Z. Take a stand for a new era of equality and respect for the LGBT community.

Of course, LGBT workplace protection is a very important cause and this is serious stuff. But it always helps to have a handsome face on a campaign, which is why we’re delighted to see Colby Melvin advocating for Mr. Z Day. You may remember Colby from our roundup of hot Instagram photos, or from Mean Boyz, or from his too-cute-to-be-believed photos with fiancee Brandon Brown. He’s also appeared in a poolside anti-Romney video.

But he’s more than just a pretty face on a good cause. This is personal for Mr. Melvin, who explained to Queerty that he was fired from a Mobile, Alabama job in 2011 for being gay. The Mr. Z foundation’s mission is to provide assistance to victims of workplace or school discrimination — a worthy goal, since nearly 30 states have no protection for sexual orientation discrimination.

Now, because here at Queerty we have bills to pay and pageviews to rack up, here are some photos of Colby with little to nothing on. Gaze in wonderment, and then go support the cause of workplace protection!

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  • Spike

    An underwear model lecturing the Gay community that it’s time to take a stand, seriously? And wearing a shirt and tie. He would have more credibility had he only been wearing underwear.

  • Stache1

    At 1:14 it kind of cracked me up. Couldn’t they find someone with a less ..ah fuck it. It’s for a good cause.

  • balehead

    Geez…so much jealous…no wonder equal rights are taking so long…

  • sportyguy1983

    Yeah I can’t take serious anyone who makes their money by looking pretty in underwear and acting like a fool. Try using only serious people with real jobs on this campaign. And if this all looks and no substance is going to wear a tie, make sure to button the top button otherwise don’t bother wearing a tie.

  • KittyLitter

    some guy at I job interview I had seemed completely homophobic. people like this will always exist.

  • ack747

    Yeah, LBGT workplace rights are important. But so are freedom of religion and freedom of association. It was a private Catholic school. They should be free to fire whom they wish.

    He should be thankful they employed him as long as they did. Don’t like it? Get a job in a public school then.

  • meh

    Sorry we don’t have better qualified people to advocate? It’s 2014, time to celebrate intellectuals over porn stars and “models.” Just my rant.

  • De_Loopi

    Hey can random guys (who i obviously don’t know) :P stop hating on Colby for doing what he’s doing. Sure he’s not an intellectual but he’s getting the message out there. Consider the gay male community, guys who like guys like guys (as wierd as that may sound) and as such when we see a beautiful man like colby or brandon we ARE gonna listen. Btw every job is a job… dont be so close minded about other peoples professions. Whilst some people might not like to admit it sex and sexuality has a relevant and useful place in society. Colby is a great advocate for gay rights. When u get that much media coverage in spreading the good word around then u can judge.

    – A random guy whos opinion means jack :P

  • meh

    I am not close minded and a job is a job correct. Leave the lawyering and advocating to the lawyers (the people who better situated to effectuate the change). There just needs to be a logical ending point. Also being smart doesn’t preclude you from being good looking . . .

  • Stache1

    @De_Loopi: “when we see a beautiful man like colby or brandon we ARE gonna listen.”

    So in other words, gay men only think with their dicks. That’s just sad.

  • meh

    @Stache1: At least one person gets it

  • litper

    Thank you Colby!

  • Dixie Rect

    Wow, I was shocked he could read a cue card!

  • jkrupiarz

    Sure is a big difference between the pictures and hearing him talk. Nice to take a stand, nothing wrong with anyone who has the willingness to do it. Very good photographer, lighting, makeup, stylists for the underwear shoots, completely overcomes the image that comes across when words are spoken.

  • Tyler100

    If this can get the shallow and oblivious gays to pay attention to these kinds of stories I’m all for it. It’s not a coincidence that news casters are so primped and polished. Most people are just more willing to listen to a pretty face. That’s the way it’s always been and the way it’s always going to be.

  • CCTR

    Kudos to Cody for trying to take a stand and make a difference!

  • De_Loopi

    @Stache1: nope im just saying that people do think like that. you can’t avoid that sort of thing. im not saying we only think in that specific manner but it is one of the manners in which we do….

  • gaym50ish

    Hey, we all clicked on the story because he’s an underwear model, right? We expected to see a little skin along with the story. So he’s using his sex appeal for a good cause, isn’t he — like Brad Pitt and his efforts to rebuild New Orleans?

    Would you have listened to the appeal to stand up for Mr. Z if the video featured a skinny accountant from Ypsilanti?

  • florence stewart

    What Linda responded I’m blown away that someone can profit $7972 in 4 weeks on the internet? Have you seen this page>>>

  • Stache1

    @gaym50ish: Yeah, but the message was completely lost. I mean look at what were talking about. Plus, I laughed at his delivery. Extremely amateur. He has an obvious lisp and looks to be having a hard time reading the cue card.

    Is there no one else qualified to get the shallow set interested other then plucked and tweezed underwear models these days. Then again if that’s what you need to get yourself involved in helping others then I’d say it’s probably not gonna happen anyways.

  • Stache1

    @gaym50ish: I think it also depends on what site you’re on. Most of the other sites would have some serious activist person as opposed to some twink underwear model.

    I get it though. It appeals to people who aren’t the most political concerned and have short attention spans so using sex will at least tune them in for a second and just maybe…

  • erasure25

    @Spike: Colby actually does volunteer/activist work for gay organizations. To assume because he is a model and thus incapable of any intellectual activity is pretty asinine on your part.

  • erasure25

    @Stache1: Men in general. Have boobs, straight men will listen. Its not sad, its biology.

  • erasure25

    @meh: He does do activist work outside of modeling… Looks like you are the one who needs a primer on intellectual thought.

  • meh

    Then I stand corrected, especially if this is the scope of the involvement. But I now see the seriousness of the message, the following pictures of him really solidified my understanding of the issue.

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