Underwear Hottie Colby Melvin Stands Up For Fired Gay Educator

You’ve probably heard about the story of Mark Zmuda, a vice principal in Washington State who was fired for marrying his husband. The students at Eastside Catholic School rose up in protest, organizing protests at the school, through social media, and at public events.

And now there’s a national day of protest: January 31. According to the newly-formed Stand with Mr. Z Foundation:

On January 31, 2014, social media profile pictures will be changed to reflect the orange Z and at 10:00am Pacific Standard Time, the students will all stand up for Mr. Z. Wherever you are, stand up for a minute of silent solidarity with students, members of the community and business professionals in Washington State, across the United States and abroad. Take a stand for Mr. Z. Take a stand for a new era of equality and respect for the LGBT community.

Of course, LGBT workplace protection is a very important cause and this is serious stuff. But it always helps to have a handsome face on a campaign, which is why we’re delighted to see Colby Melvin advocating for Mr. Z Day. You may remember Colby from our roundup of hot Instagram photos, or from Mean Boyz, or from his too-cute-to-be-believed photos with fiancee Brandon Brown. He’s also appeared in a poolside anti-Romney video.

But he’s more than just a pretty face on a good cause. This is personal for Mr. Melvin, who explained to Queerty that he was fired from a Mobile, Alabama job in 2011 for being gay. The Mr. Z foundation’s mission is to provide assistance to victims of workplace or school discrimination — a worthy goal, since nearly 30 states have no protection for sexual orientation discrimination.

Now, because here at Queerty we have bills to pay and pageviews to rack up, here are some photos of Colby with little to nothing on. Gaze in wonderment, and then go support the cause of workplace protection!

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