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University of North Texas Says No to Gay Homecoming Couples


Sorry, is this a story about college students, or second-graders? ” The University of North Texas’ student governing body has voted down a proposal to allow same-sex couples to run for homecoming king and queen. Five of the senators at the meeting voted Thursday to amend the Student Government Association’s bylaws, 10 voted against and eight abstained. Jason Howeth, a junior who represents the College of Music, said he voted against the proposal because of opposition from parents who threatened to remove their children from the school and alumni who said they would withdraw their financial support.”

(Photo: UNT

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  • terrwill

    Gee the people from the state of Texas cast votes against something with the word “Gay” in it……What a huge suprise!!!

  • Jenda Shyles

    Opposition from parents who threatened to remove their children from school? I didn’t realize 10 year olds attended College in Texas.

  • YellowRanger

    Discrimination? In Texas? Weird…

    In another shocking turn of events: the sun is hot.

  • Aaron

    This is a joke. lol

  • @Me

    Religion speaks again.

  • Brittany

    I’m confused, though.. The King and Queen aren’t selected as a couple who are dating, are they? Aren’t they just two people who are elected.. one as the Queen, one as the King, but not necessarily together? Because if that’s the case, [as I thought it was,] then it makes sense not to let a lesbian run for King or a gay man run for Queen.. it wouldn’t be fair to have two guys elected and no girls, [or vice versa] just because of their sexual orientation.

  • blackjack44

    What the ones who voted for the discrimination should be transfered to Central University of North Texas. also know as CUNT.

  • Ryan

    Well, completely anecdotal, but the people on our Student Senate were weaselly, unrepresentative prats, too. I highly, highly doubt the campus at large would have cared — and, moreover, it shouldn’t have mattered either way. Equal rights, dudes.

  • Jake R

    Check this update out:

    Basically about 50 protesters interrupted the SGA (Student Government Association) this past Wednesday (Oct. 14th) demanding the bylaw be reintroduced. Otherwise they’d get the necessary signatures for petition to start the removal process of those senators who voted or obstained primarily for two reasons:

    1) most of those senators never replied to email inquiries about why they decided to vote “no” or obstain

    2) the SGA refused to reconsider the Homecoming Equality Bylaw (as it was named) calling it “a dead issue.”

    Instead the SGA called a closed session and voted in a quick bylaw to make it more difficult for petitions to be introduced.

    Protesters vowed to come back every week to agitate this power that really doesn’t do much at all. Except, apparently, put a lot of effort into closing the door to dissenting opinion.

  • Kyle Morgan

    It is wrong. That is why. There should be one man and one woman, KING AND QUEEN! That solves it. A man is not a queen, a woman is not a king.

  • Erin

    @Aaron: actually Aaron, I go to UNT and did last year when this happened. Definitely not a joke, very serious and unfair actually.

  • Julie

    I go to UNT, and actually the King and Queen are nominated as a couple, they run as a couple. It’s unfair to exclude the rather large LGBT community at UNT from running as the couples they actually are. I wouldn’t ask a straight person to pretend to be in a gay couple to run for Homecoming Court, so why ask me to pretend to be in a hetero-normative couple in order to.

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