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University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Helpless As 3rd Hate Crime Against Students Hits Campus

In September at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, college student Lauren Meyer was attacked by two men screaming anti-gay slurs who spotted her wearing a “Legalize Gay” tee. On Sunday, another female student was attacked while walking on campus; two shoved her off the sidewalk, pinned her to a fence, and called her gay. And now comes word on Monday night three black students at UW-Whitewater had their car tires slashed and “KKK” spray-painted on their doors and hoods. So far police remain committed to the “isolated incident” storyline — which may be true. What is also true is that with three bias-related incidents in three months, plenty of students on campus do not feel safe. “I am dismayed by this incident and the two other hate crimes that have occurred,” says UW-Whitewater Chancellor Richard Telfer. (Note the use of the phrase “hate crimes”; that’s a plus.) “These are senseless acts of violence perpetrated against our community and they must stop.”