Gay Twist In Iranian Music Video Causes Uproar

googoosh beheshtIranian pop singer Googoosh probably knew exactly how much of an uproar her new song, “Behesht” (Heaven) would cause, which makes it even more remarkable that she went ahead and released it.

The video for the love ballad depicts a couple in love, but you never see the second partner until the very end. Surprise twist: they’re lesbians! Not-surprising twist: anti-gay Iranians, of which there are sadly many, are freaking out.

“I know (they say) these feelings should not be, but they are,” the song goes, as the two women clasp hands and the words “Freedom to Love for all” appear on-screen.

It’s a bit of a callback to the famous Australian video. That, too, was a first-person love affair where the gay partner is only revealed at the very end. It’s super-effective.

One news outlet called it “decadence” and another “obscene” and “hideous.” Gay couples in Iran can be imprisoned for life, or killed.