Vatican Newspaper Compares Gay Marriage To Communism

losservatore-romanoThough it’s a new year, the Vatican’s semi-official newspaper is up to its old tricks.

In a front-page editorial in L’Osservatore Romano, historian Lucetta Scaraffia compared the idea of gay marriage to that of an “egalitarian utopia that did so much damage during the 20th century…deceiving humanity as socialism did in the past.”

According to The State Journal-Register, Scaraffia is a 64-year-old former feminist activist cum zealous Catholic who gets her jollies regularly slamming marriage equality for L’Osservatore.

Equating traditional marriage to the union between same-sex couples, Scaraffia wrote, is a “negation of truth,” which would undermine “one of the basic structures of human society, family.”

She concluded by warning that society will end up paying “a very high price” for destroying family, “as it happened in the past with the attempts to create a complete social and economical equality.”

Just last month, that same paper published similar sentiments, criticizing marriage equality as an “unattainable utopia.” Pope Benedict XVI has also been on a roll as of late, condemning gay marriage as the downfall of society and all that holy jazz.

Meanwhile, Scaraffia defended her point of view in a recent interview, claiming that the church’s defense of traditional marriage is not discrimination.

“The Vatican has often intervened against discrimination for gay people,” she said “But many people don’t want to see it, they just want to pin it down as homophobic.”

We’d like to see that, but it’s hard to see something that doesn’t exist.