VIDEO: Tom Goss gives new meaning to masking in adorable new Christmas ditty

Taylor Swift famously produced two albums and dozens of songs while sheltering in place at her home in Los Angeles. But she isn’t the only one inspired to create by the ample alone time provided by the pandemic.

Queer crooner Tom Goss followed his most recent hit “Irreplaceable” with “Christmas 2020” where he bares his soul–and, in the accompanying video, a bit more.

“Last Friday (Tom’s husband) Mike [Briggs] went for a walk,” Tom tells Queerty. “I was relishing a couple of moments of alone time in our one-bedroom apartment. I picked up the guitar and this fun Christmas ditty came out. So full of joy, I wanted to share it with the world.

“Then I called Ned Douglas, Mike Lovins, and Liz DeRoche to turn around production, bass, and vocal arrangements in the span of a couple of hours. The next day I corralled Mike to make a home movies style music video for the song. Today, the song, and video, are out to the world.

“This whole project has made me smile so big! I hope it does the same for you.”

We couldn’t agree more with Tom when he sings: “Let’s all promise to be safe/So we can celebrate/Another day”

Tom, Happy Holidays. We hope everyone loves this as much as Queerty does.

And here’s Tom’s “Irreplaceable”: