Vince McMahon Thinks Cirque du Soleil, And Not Lyrca-Painted Wrestling, Is Gay

Vince McMahon, the chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, celebrated his 64th birthday in Las Vegas in front of WWE cameras. This makes sense, because McMahon is as much a character in the body-slamming soap opera as the Lyrca-wearing wrestlers, and his real and fictional lives merge in this arena. As part of the bday festivities, some rainbow-colored gals joined him in the ring, followed by two masked performers from Cirque du Soleil. And that’s when GLAAD’s alarm bells went off. According to McMahon, “those masks are really gay.” Gasp!

(Cue to 8:10)

Was the flippant comment upsetting? Sure. Was it to be expected? Yep. Is McMahon sorry about it? Doubtful. But really, thank goodness we have a stereotypically machismo enterprise trafficking in sadly predictable comments, because otherwise the WWE would just be a bunch of muscle queens groping each other in front of a paying audience. No homo.