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Vincent Webster’s Black Eye: What Happens When You Spill Parmesan Cheese At a Pizza Shop

William Babcock says he and two friends were beat up by six men outside a Denver area 7-Eleven around 2am Friday when they stopped by to grab some chips. Babcock’s jaw was broken in two places while his friends both suffered concussions — all because, Babcock says, they are gay. Police are reviewing surveillance tape. And in Albany, Vincent “Aiden” Webster (pictured) was allegedly beat up at 3am Saturday by pizza shop worker Jamil Karmini when Webster accidentally spilled some parmesan cheese on the floor, which had Karmini calling him a faggot and pummeling him to the ground, leaving him with six stitches below his eye and limited vision. The brother of Karmini, who is still working at the shop after being arrested following the fight, insists Webster threw a piece of pizza at Karmini, which started the fight. (See below video.)

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  • Jules

    Typical, white queens playing “victim” fucking cry baby. I’m willing to bet he DID throw the pizza at the man then played the woe is me victim. White queens are some of the most racist white people on earth.

  • VagrantMan


    Maybe you should stop playing the race card.

  • scott ny'er

    so, if someone throws a pizza at you that means you should physically assault them? what a douche.

  • ron

    Knee grows hate gays and gay knee grows hate themselves. I met a gay black dude who told me he despises his own race, and he wasn’t alone in his views.

  • Kev C

    All LGBTs should take their safety seriously and be prepared to defend themselves at all times. Because we know this shit happens. I’d like to hear stories of gays defending themselves and knocking out the goons.

  • Henry

    better yet, carry a gun and know how to use it.

  • alan brickman

    And they were all sober on the weekend??….

  • JumpingUp

    Kev C. , that DOES happen. I know it’s happened with me, and I know it’s happened with other queer guys I know. It just depends on what “type” of queer guy you are. But those are the cases you’ll never ever hear of. They just won’t get reported, for all the obvious reasons.

  • Randy

    Years ago when I was waiting tables, a dishwasher would call me faggot and whip me with a wet bar towel when I walked by. I told him to meet me in the parking lot after work, pummeled him, leaving him crying. I told him to go home and tell his mama a faggot beat him up.

  • jason

    I don’t know if the assailants were black but it is well known that black youth are exceptionally homophobic. You only have to look at their musical tastes.

  • Jake the libertarian

    Gays need to be armed and be able to defend themselves. The little secret they didn’t tell you in school is that non-violence is way over rated… by far the best way to defend yourself is violently, with enthusiasm, and with skill. Gays should never be lacking on any of these fronts when it comes to defending themselves.

  • Cam

    What a lie,

    yeah, becuase SO MANY people pay for a pizza only to throw it at an employee for no reason.

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