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Vincent Webster’s Black Eye: What Happens When You Spill Parmesan Cheese At a Pizza Shop

William Babcock says he and two friends were beat up by six men outside a Denver area 7-Eleven around 2am Friday when they stopped by to grab some chips. Babcock’s jaw was broken in two places while his friends both suffered concussions — all because, Babcock says, they are gay. Police are reviewing surveillance tape. And in Albany, Vincent “Aiden” Webster (pictured) was allegedly beat up at 3am Saturday by pizza shop worker Jamil Karmini when Webster accidentally spilled some parmesan cheese on the floor, which had Karmini calling him a faggot and pummeling him to the ground, leaving him with six stitches below his eye and limited vision. The brother of Karmini, who is still working at the shop after being arrested following the fight, insists Webster threw a piece of pizza at Karmini, which started the fight. (See below video.)