Virgin CEO Richard Branson Refuses To Do Business With Anti-Gay Uganda, Urges Boycott

branson2Virgin CEO and noted whacky billionaire Richard Branson tweeted yesterday that he “wouldn’t do business in Uganda due to their dreadful anti-gay laws.” Last week Uganda passed a law seeking to imprison gays for life, prompting Branson to write a blog post urging other companies to boycott the West African nation as well:

I have been courted by various people and government officials to do business in Uganda. I was seriously considering it.

However, the dreadful witch hunt against the gay community and lifetime sentences means it would be against my conscience to support this country.

I would urge other companies worldwide to follow suit. Uganda must reconsider or find it being ostracised by companies and tourists worldwide.
The Economist published a graphic showing where homosexuality is illegal in 2013, which makes for distressing viewing. More than 80 countries worldwide criminalise homosexuality, with the death penalty in place in five countries and areas of Nigeria and Somalia.

Governments must realise that people should be able to love whoever they want. It is not for any government (or anyone else) to ever make any judgements on people’s sexuality. They should instead celebrate when people build loving relationships that strengthen society, no matter who they are.

Branson is often vocal of his support for LGBT rights, having spoken out against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law and recorded an Out4Marriage video for the UK’s marriage equality push.

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  • iMort

    Many corporations have only one agenda, to keep growing, relentlessly, like a cancer, no matter what the consequences. Branson’s decision is appreciated.

  • ouragannyc

    I support the boycott.

  • balehead

    Virgin has no business with most of Africa…..He’s full of it…..

  • Camsean01

    Well done Mr Branson. You have my respect.

  • manjoguy

    So, Branson, you’re not going to do any business with the Muslim world? They do worse than imprison people for being gay – they stone us to death! Make headlines for yourself, Bronson.

  • Icebloo

    Does that mean Branson will stop all his business dealings with the middle eastern countries that ban homosexuality – or will that cost him too much money ? What a HYPOCRITE !

  • Icebloo

    I remember when Richardc Branson was working with Margaret Thatcher and her EXTREME right wing government in the UK that had attempted to make homosexuality illegal and had implemented Clause 28 which was similar to the current anti-gay laws in Russia. Why did Branson not speak out for gay people then ? He was a personal friend of Thatcher and happily worked hand in hand with her evil government.
    Richard Branson is a liar and a hypocrite !

  • Billysees


    Sadly, your comment is true.

  • viveutvivas

    What an ass! He was thinking if doing business there but now he won’t. So no skin off his back at all. Cheap stunt.

    If he really was serious, he would stop Virgin flying to the United Arab Emirates and to Nigeria where they already fly. Something tells me he won’t.

  • guest4ever

    He is opposed to life sentences for homosexuals in Uganda… but he has no problem with the AIDS virus spread by homosexuals that results in a like sentence of living in terror and an early death.

    The Center for Disease Control reported that in 2012 73% of all new cases of AIDS were contracted by homosexuals.

    If you’re going to be consistent, Richard… you must condemn the one as well as the other.

    Otherwise you will be viewed as a hypocrite.

  • guest4ever

    @Icebloo: @Icebloo:
    You can’t be serious!
    A liberal that is a liar and a hypocrite?
    Why… that is absolutely preposterous!

  • AuntieChrist

    I have always imagined these billionaires,and all of the ridiculously rich to be like some lurid Scrooge McDuck type stripping naked and swimming about in all their money…To imagine Branson naked with his fairytale trolls face and truncated body makes it all the more horrific.

  • seaki

    You people are the MOST vile human beings on earth. This man, with more money than any of you will see in several lifetimes, stands on his hind legs and makes his voice heard FOR OUR RIGHTS as human beings. And you sexless, meth-maxed tragic queens want to bring up his past, as if your houses are no made of the brittle of cracked pane glass. This is one of the reason many people find us offensive, not or relationships or who we are as a people, is how we behave as individuals. Good for you Richard Branson, but since this is an african nations, many white gays will not be satisfied until you include a nation of people that look like them as well.

  • AuntieChrist

    @seaki: Lets make this all about race cause that is way safer than being upset that 1% hold all the wealth while the rest of us must struggle every day just to pay our bills…Or is it necessary to point out that over 95% of the economic gains also went to that 1%…Bitch my house is made of bricks and mortar and I give back to my community even when I cannot afford to do so.

  • lucindamattingly

    my Aunty Leah got an almost new red Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Coupe by working parttime at home. check my source…

  • seaki

    @AuntieChrist: Girl BYE! Your glass walls ALREADY has cracks, and that marvelous 365 sunroof, its crashing in. I smell the scent of self importance mixed with the stench of self congratulatory, tacky feather boas and fake air kisses, nobody has time for that. Out of that whole statement ALL you got was RACE. Please spare me life’s roman noodles and penny caddy hun, YOU have a problem with race and the sad but true disparages between powerful white gay men and the ‘OTHERS'( ie, No fats, no fems, and NO person darker than a marshmallow)
    YES, the 1% has all the dough, but with hard work, ingenuity, and perseverance WE can all change that – but please do not piss on my cornflakes in the morning, then tell me its soy, Hun, I am MUCH smarter than that, RACISM is a HUGE problem in our worldwide gay community. DON’t believe me, just ask my husband. He was JUST approached by a well to do gay, asked ,”Yall make such a lovely couple, he looks like he just stepped out of the Amazon Jungle”. We gagged, then grabbed our coats and left——side exit.

  • roadrunner

    To those who vilify Branson on this issue because of his past/current affiliations in business, at least this stand he is taking is a start. Such a prominent businessman speaking out is what is needed, yes?

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