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Virginia + Maryland’s Governors Are Catholic. And They’re Furious With the Church’s Threats


Even some high profile Catholics can’t believe their own Church is going after the gays in the nation’s capital. Like Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who are livid the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington D.C. is threatening to cancel its social services programs if gay marriage passes.

“I’m Catholic, and I think it’s wrong,” Kaine told radio listeners yesterday. “I don’t think you take your ball and go home.”

But that’s exactly what the Church is threatening to do, complaining that gay marriage will so infringe on their right to discriminate that they’ll have no choice but to end their homeless and adoption programs.

Kaine, for one, can’t believe the Church is engaged in such bullying: “I think the strategy of threatening to pull back, it doesn’t seem like the church I’ve come up in.” Same goes for Maryland’s O’Malley either: “I don’t understand how they can possibly do this. I have a hard time believing that the nuns and priests who taught me about the Corporal Works of Mercy would agree that this is an appropriate response for the church.”

Yeah, where is that love and compassion thing we hear so much about?