Vote Westchester


We can’t remember the last time we ventured out to Westchester County. We think it when our closeted cousin married his fag hag of a wife in White Plains. That was years ago and we’ve never had a desire to return. But talented gay filmmaker James Hosking has finally given us a reason to go back.

Hosking has created a little piece of cinema called Westchester, which is competing with several other college-age filmmaker’s clips on mtvU. We love what we see and want more. Go view the trailer and vote for him here.

Already clutching his acceptance speech, Hosking describes the film: “It’s a little bit camp, a little Bret Easton Ellis, and a lot of 80s MTV influence.”

Camp – gay. Bret Easton Ellis – so gay. 80’s MTV – gayer than gayer. Yeah, sounds absolutely perfect to us.

Perform your gay civic duty and vote for our guy James. You have to. Hollywood’s gay mafia insists and since when have you disobeyed David Geffen?