WA State Lesbian Couple Want To Corrupt Morals Even More By Selling Pot

Washington-State-Map-600Two of our favorite things—marriage equality and marijuana—became legal in Washington State after the November elections. Now it looks like one of the first couples to take advantage of that same-sex marriage law are looking to warp the minds of Evergreen State residents even further by selling weed.

Fox News, of all places, has the story of  Kim Ridgeway and Kimberly Bliss, newlyweds “scrambling to get ready for the new world of regulated, taxed marijuana sales to adults over 21.”

After nearly 30 years together, the two Kims got married in December on the first day same-sex marriages could be performed.

Since Washington hasn’t figured out how to license or regulate pot sales yet—and the federal government could still sue to block legalization—the ladies are being pragmatic: consulting with attorneys, scouting store locations and sketching store layouts before dropping serious green into the enterprise.

“We don’t want to devote all our time and finances to building a business, only to have the feds rip it out from under us,” says the aptly named Bliss. “There’s a huge financial risk, and a huge personal risk. We could end up in federal prison.”

And that would be a serious bummer.