Waiter Calls Out Bravo TV Producers For Sabotaging Service At Gay Atlanta Restaurant During Real Housewives

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.51.23 AMBad restaurant service is one thing, but judging by what one understandably irate server at a popular gay eatery in Atlanta is saying, this is something else entirely.

Bravo TV is no stranger to on-screen conflict, and it appears when things aren’t fiery enough, they just create some artificial uproar.

The cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta recently stopped into neighborhood favorite Einstein’s to grab a bite and patch up some drama (when are they not patching up drama?), and as you can see in the clip below, they slam the slow service, stale crackers and lack of water.

It’s all edited to look like the ladies get snubbed, but Corey Thompson, the cute server who had the misfortune of waiting on them that night, told a very different story on Facebook:

I was the server in this episode the ladies were very polite it was the producers they would not allow me to bring anything out to the table until they stopped filming I sat back by the bar holding cocktails and water that had to be remade 6 times because I wasnt allowed to bring them, who comes to a restaurant and orders crackers? By the time the ladies tried to order food the restaurant was closed if you watch closely when they first arrived the place was packed and by time the “stale” crackers arrived we were closed. This was a horrible experience for me. Its embarrassing to see how they made me look when it was out of my hands. The bravo producers and staff were horrible and had no idea what they were doing, it was unorganized and very classless. We at Einstein’s did what we could on such short notice. Next These Beautiful Ladies should let people ahead time instead of just popping up & Phadrea Thank You for the 4 dollar tip.

Watch the TV magic here:

h/t: Project Q