Wanda Sykes Times Announcement of Twins’ Birth With Limbaugh Joke Backlash


Wanda Sykes, who married her wife Alex in October (back when it was legal in California), finally has some news to share that might throw everyone off the scent of her Rush Limbaugh jokes! Alex gave birth last month to twins Olivia Lou and Lucas Claude! Which begs the question: Will People or Us Weekly pay for the pics? Also: Twins = fertility drugs? And: Who’s the father? Plus: Isn’t she married to Old Christine? NB: Has anyone ever seen photos of Alex? Or know her last name?

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  • Nickadoo

    Wanda’s sexuality was always an “open secret” in Hollywood. She’s never shied away from being seen with her wife in public, even before she came out. She was often seen at The Abbey in West Hollywood, and also headline many of the gay cruise ship tours with her wife in tow.

    FYI, her beverage of choice is Patron.

  • NewYorkness

    Which begs the question: Will People or Us Weekly pay for the pics? …how about Queerty??


    If Queerty had any money, the other sites would still be open.

  • afrolito



  • Jonathan

    I’ve seen Wanda walking her dog with who I guess must be Alex around Media, PA. Wanda sightings are about the most exciting things that happen around here, haha…

  • uwyoalum

    Twins does not necessarily = fertility drugs. More likely twins = invitro fertilization. My guess is they went with the petrie dish instead of the turkey baster, and then had two gametes implanted.

  • Mark M

    Kappa hag, performing for Bigot Obama. Dead to me.

  • charlie

    congrats to the couple.

  • TANK

    “The president should be squirming in his seat. Not smiling. The black dyke got it wrong. No one told her the rules.”

    Ah, Christopher…you make me smile and all of us proud.

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