Wanna See A Transphobic Blowhard Get Torn Apart On Fox News? Yes You Do.

Fox News quack Dr. Keith Ablow recently wrote that if kids watch Chaz Bono perform on Dancing With The Stars this season, they’ll want to have their breasts removed or penis amputated. Now let’s all enjoy watching Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly dismantle Dr. Ablow on live television for his ignorant transphobia. Oh yes it’s fun.

As Ablow struggles for “proof” in this interview, Kelly is not having it. She says, “I think the viewers get this… Our children are no more likely to turn transgender from watching Chaz Bono than they are to turn gay by watching Will & Grace. You either are, or you’re not.”

Meanwhile, Ablow (pronounce “I blow”) admits that he has absolutely no proof for his hateful claims and modestly asserts that he knows more about trans issues than the American Psychiatric Association president who specializes in trans issues.

Must be nice living with delusions of grandeur—that’s a subtype of psychotic disorders in the DSM-IV (code 297.1). Look it up, doc.

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  • timncguy

    Please explain how any child watching “Dancing with the Stars” is going to know that Chaz Bono is transgender without their parents telling them? Is the show planning to announce it? Will there be a “news crawl” on the bottom of the screen every time he in on?

    Chaz is now a man. He’s Cher’s son. There is no reason for a dancing competition show to have a discussion of how Chaz used to be Chastity. So, I see no reason why children would be questioning anything at all.

  • Mike

    Do I have to start watching FOX news now??? ….because that was just delicious!!!

  • pedro

    Kelly has always seemed pro-gay, and strikes me more as a low taxes libertarian, than a wacky conservative obsessed with other’s personal lives and decisions.

  • moonbear

    Even though it’s the most responsible interview I’ve seen on Fox for a long time (and a good thing), it’s still what Fox does: theater.

  • Kev C

    Having strange, unprovable theories is sometimes an indiction of dementia, insanity or stupor. Dr Ablow should see a psychiatrist.

  • So lemme get this straight

    The crux of his argument is thus: I don’t have proof, but that in and of itself is proof. Whuh? There’s no proof that this WILL make your child slice his weenie off, but there’s isn’t any proof that it WON’T. That’s what he’s saying? Really?

  • Robert in NYC

    The religious right and tea party scumbaggers are probably paying him to spew this nonsense.

  • MikeE

    So, when can we expect the American Psychiatric Association to remove “Dr” Ablow’s credentials? Obviously, he fails miserably at the medical specialization he has chosen. Therefore, he should be stopped from practicing and presenting himself as an “expert” in the field.

  • Erich

    When did Megyn turn into a human-being?

  • Libertarian Larry

    Megyn Kelly has always defended gays for as long as I’ve been watching her—she’s by no means of the far right—but as for Ablow, I had no idea he was of the “monkey see, monkey do” school. Well, you learn something every day, huh.

  • Jacob Woods

    Extremist views get us no where! Grr!

  • tomtom

    so why does this guy think chaz bono wanted to become a man in the first place? cos i’m guessing he saw more non-transgendered people on tv growing up? his argument is ridiculous!

  • Mike


  • Reed Braden

    @timncguy: He means he doesn’t want kids who are transgender to realize that transgender people are a real thing and that they have a community, an outlet, and a means to correct their birth sex to match their gender. He just wants them to live miserable lives and hate themselves. AKA: He’s a goddamn monster.

  • Joe

    You know, Dr. Ablow has a point, there is no proof that Chaz won’t turn kids trans. You know whats been worrying me lately? Mrs. Buttersworth, I mean what if some Pavlov’s dog syndrome is happening to my daughter, every time she wants a tasty helping of syrup she has to grasp and grope the female form! They really need to do studies about this because there is no proof that Mrs. Buttersworth isn’t turning my daughter into a lesbian.

  • jim

    I agree with Ablow, watching harmless stuff on Television does alter you’re perception of reality.
    I used to watch Tom and Jerry as a kid, (back in the day)and ever since then, I just can’t stop smashing people in the face with a frying pan.

  • Thomas Maguire

    His “doctor” status is less reputable than “Doctor” Zoidberg on Futurama and “Doctor” Tobias Funke on Arrested Development.

  • Indigo

    @Joe: Bwahahahahahaha!!! I love Mrs. Buttersworth!! That must be why I’m gay!

  • ryanthehulk

    So we all like Megyn Kelly now? I just wanted to be sure. She’ll definitely step up the advocacy when she realizes she’s getting a demographic that hates everyone else on her network.

  • christopher di spirito

    I tried to find Dr. Keith Ablow’s license information in both Massachusetts and New York and it is nowhere to be found. If he’s indeed, a licensed, practicing doctor, there needs to be a state board issued number and a way to file a complaint against him.

  • Michael

    Soo let me get this straight she says one tolerant thing out of all of her previous HOMOPHOBIC comments and shes a saint now?A leopard does not change their stripes sorry.I like that she said this but that does not by no means she is gay friendly much less supportive of gay rights. This guys an idiot but Megyn is a wolf in sheeps clothing period they are no better then each other.

  • WIes

    As for myself i know the influence of watching a transsexual when having strong quentions about own gender. At first i felt like i was just completely insane and having delusions. Then i saw a transsexual. From that moment i knew i wasn’t completely insane after all. The only think that scared the shit out of me from that moment was still other people whom might think i was insane anyway, but i knew what i was from then on.

    So screw yourself Ablow. I hate people like you.

  • ewe

    Megyn Kelly interviewing herself AGAIN. She is sinister alright. How about not putting people like this idiot on air for so many to see?

  • Jonathonz

    I love the look on Megyn Kelly’s face as she listens to this guy espouse his absurd views after she systematically dismantles them one by one. It says “This guy is just ludicrous.” She is clearly a very intelligent woman.

  • Lauren

    I love how she fails to mention his editorial was on the FOX NEWS WEBSITE.

  • Riker

    @Michael: Fortunately Ms. Kelly is not, in fact, a leopard. I can say with reasonable certainty that she is a human, who does have the capacity to grow and change. Also, which homophobic things did she say? I haven’t seen any proof of such.

  • JKB

    “Am I a man? No, brother, you’re not”??? Why call him brother then? But these so-called arguments on tv are ridiculous. They bring someone on who has no choice but to defend their perspective or lose all “credibility”. Even if Megan had convinced him that he is a douche, he would not be able to acknowledge it.

  • the crustybastard

    To take his argument to its logical extreme, we should segregate our children by gender, to preclude the possibility that a child’s exposure to a person of the opposite gender would lead them to contemplate becoming transgender out of admiration.

    Daughters shouldn’t meet their fathers, and sons shouldn’t meet their mothers. Ta-da! That’ll solve transgenderism.

    Seems reasonable.

  • Michael

    @Riker: True some people are capable of changing and yes I know shes a human being. *rolls eyes*

    I havent drunk the coolaid either and do not plan on it.I only trust LEGITIMATE people who are aware care and are concerned about our equal rights as human beings.You mean to tell me just because she had a moment of clarity and compassion that that automatically excuses her past comments?

    Fox news anchors are known for being vehemently homophobic.Its a possibility she may have softened her perspective after having a child.But… it remains to be seen.

  • ewe

    Why is Megyn Kelly wearing a gown for daytime tv?

  • Jean

    But people don’t get divorced just because someone else did. Aside from how getting a divorce is nothing like having your body surgically modified, that’s a really piss poor analogy. He seems to think that a person can just go get gender reassignment surgery on a Saturday afternoon. And this guy needs to cite his shit, I realize he’s on a talk show, but that is a seriously crap scholarship.

  • Desdemona

    Just because someone is a psychiatrist doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about. DR. KEITH ABLOW IS A DISRESPECTFUL DOUCHEBAG

  • Steven

    I think it’s funny at the end where Dr. Ablow says something along the lines of “if Chaz asked me ‘am I a man’, I would say, ‘No brother, you’re not.” Wouldn’t acknowledging him by the word “brother” imply that you are accepting him as a man?

  • IzzyLuna

    Ahhh. That felt goooooooood. Like ice cold lemonade on a hot, country day.


    Yeah, yeah, yeah, clapy, clap, calp….good job Mygegnygn Kelly…
    Guess she didn’t realize this is the the man HER NETWORK pays for his “expert” medical opinion.

    Sure there is no proof that Dr. Ablow fucks donkeys, but there is also no proof that he DOESNT. And that is all the poof I need! That is some of the most INSANE Jerri Blank style logic I have ever heard.

  • missanthrope

    I’ve heard rumors that Megyn Kelly has a trans family member. If that’s true, then it isn’t surprising she’s disgusted by Ablow.

    “No one is spuring hate, its a documented disorder”

    lol, being queer was a “documented disorder” in the very same book for 50 years you idiot. Stop spreading hate, it has no place in our community Nathan.

  • james_from_cambridge

    Wow, Megyn, wow! What a strange feeling it is to have respect for someone on Faux News. As for Keith Ablowjob, that man has an agenda. The same one his best buddy Glenn Beck has. Who the hell takes him seriously outside of the nazi-right anymore?

  • Aiden

    @Nathan: Something tells me you didn’t take anytime to think this comment thru. I suggest google.

  • Stupid

    I wish ol’ Meg had pointed out that Chaz grew up watching Cher and didn’t grow up to become a drag queen.

    (I didn’t end up gay because I was watching gays on TV. Seeing Magnum P.I. in shorts did it.)

  • gc

    Oh Megyn, this on top of ripping that one fox anchor a new one after he called maternity leave a racket? She’s not being a good, submissive conservative woman and deferring to men. Tsk tsk. I see a “resignation” in her future.

  • Phil

    @Nathan: “Is Chaz a male? No, of course not people. Just because your cut your genitals off doesn’t magically change your gender.”

    Realize that gender is a construct of society. Generally people gender identify with their cissex. That does not, in any way, mean that to gender-identify as the oppositely means that one is wrong. Gender is a construct, not a physical constant. Sex is the immutable trait, and even that I believe will go by the wayside.

    And honestly, don’t being so crude. It is incredibly ignorant and bigoted.

  • CBRad

    Kids wouldn’t even know Bono was trans, but they WILL be like “Who’s the fat dude?”

  • Gema

    That is amazing! And on Fox News?!? Awesome!

    I love how it ended:

    “Doc”: “I’ll see you again, Megyn.”

    Megyn Kelly: “I hope not.”

  • tjr101

    Roger Ailes and the other right-wing overlords at Faux News wouldn’t be too pleased with the out of line conduct of one of their anchors. A retraction from Megyn Kelly in 3, 2, 1…

  • Nice Sean

    I hoping this means she has turned over a new leaf and will hopefully be covering LGBT stories with a bit more balance.

    I’m also hoping that if she has turned over a new leaf, she doesn’t lose her job because of it, which I believe is likely at fox.

  • JoeyO'H

    Dr. Keith is an idiot. Does he really believe kids watching Chaz dance are gonna’ tell mommy and daddy, “I wanna’ change my sex.” Seriously. So, it just goes to show that even a doctor, who has had a college education and I say again, a doctor, can be so stupid.

    How long have I’ve been gay? The first episode of “Will & Grace.” Not!

    I am hoping Chaz being on DWTS opens the minds of America and helps people going through a gender crisis of their own with strength and courage.

    I’m glad she gave it to him!

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Michael: You sir (or madam) are a sycophantic fool. Your logic is that everyone who works for Fox is a racist? Including the cast of “Glee”? Racist monsters, all of them, being employed by the demon Fox. Or are you just referring to Fox News? Well, there again your stupidity comes screaming through: There are many liberals on that channel to offer a counterpoint to issues. But I suppose a truly enlightened person would have had to actually watch the station in order to make an educated judgment. And you sir (or madam) are obviously far from enlightened.

  • Kacey

    @Nathan: Honey, I think you need to think a little harder before you spew your ignorance. If a person just wanted to “parade around” as the opposite sex, they’d dress in drag and be done with it. I need you, for just a moment, so consider the emotional turmoil that must exist for one to truly feel their identity has been compromised because they were placed in a body of the wrong gender. I can’t imagine going as far as plastic surgery and other body-altering procedures to feel like I’m more “myself”. That’s because I’m not transgender. But I empathize with those people who feel that these are the only ways to feel themselves, and I support them. How hard it must be to feel this way. And, while this is listed in the DSM as a ‘disorder’, transgender individuals are typically not diagnosed with GID (gender identity disorder) or gender dysphoria unless their feelings of being transgender cause other psychological struggles, usually depression. I can assure you that we will see these “disorders” removed from the DSM in years not too far out of sight, just as homosexuality was removed. France has already removed transgender identity from it’s list of psychological ‘diseases’. Please, have a heart. THINK about how these people must feel. Sometimes, all we think about is our own bubble, our own opinions based on our own experiences, and our own egos–step out of your realm, and consider what it must be like to be another person.

  • O'Gay by me

    I would love to see Keith Ablow fuck Ms Kelly’s brains out.

  • CBRad

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: Gays want to have enemies, in black-and-white, and if anything gets shades-of-gray they don’t know how to behave. And Fox News is one of the Enemies. It’s on the list gays are handed. They don’t have to watch it to decide.

  • Michael

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Do you pompous assholes ever stfu? Didnt think so am I supposed to bow down and praise your supposed high I.Q. and intelligence know? Not gonna happen now run along you elitist snob beginning to believe that is all this site is full of no decent humble people thats for damn sure. Oh and you are the true IDIOT why not take the time to actually read the links you dumbfuck.Oh yes thats right YOU are the one not capable of letting go of your arrogance or ego for one second to see ANYTHING that makes actual sense.

    I also refer you to R.A. arrogant one I am not the only one in this community who does not trust her.Wow and what a paranoid idiot are YOU? Did I once claim everyone on fox are racist and homophobic? No I did not but a good percentage of them are Beck Limbaugh Hannity O Reilly the list is endless.Please get your facts straight before you start thinking you have the right to talk down to people you ignorant twit.Please get off your throne also I never have any problem knocking people like you OFF of them thats for sure. :)

  • Michael


    Hilarious how once AGAIN another elitist acts as if he speaks for everyone.You don’t hate to burst your bubble.

    Im not gullible nor easily trusting of people but apparently half the people in this community are.Delusional at best.

  • Little Kiwi

    well….good for Miss. Kelly. Now if only she could get over the crazytrain and realize that saying “Happy Holidays” in December does not mean that there’s a “war on Christmas” and that “Christians are being persecuted.”

    There are a LOT of religious and cultural celebrations and holidays in December. It’s the holiday season. It’s only the Christmas season to those who celebrate Christmas.

    Here’s hoping megyn kelly wakes up to this reality in a few months, as she’s apparently woken up to the reality of dangerous homophobia and transphobia.

    It’s so sad to see bigoted transphobia being perpetuated by some self-identifying gays on this site.

    We need to stand in solidarity with our Trans brothers and sisters. Chaz’ gender is male. His sex is biologically female. I’m frankly stunned that in 2011 there are queer people out there that can’t understand the difference between sex and gender.

    there are countless videos on youtube from Transpeople talking about their lives and experiences. Why not take the time to listen to them?

  • Shannon1981

    This is the most responsible thing I’ve ever seen from Fox News. I do not know what Megyn’s personal feelings are on gays or gay rights, but she did a good job here and gets some brownie points from me. Hopefully she comes around fully, and, on grande day, moves over to MSNBC!

  • Shannon1981

    This is the most responsible thing I’ve ever seen from Fox News. I do not know what Megyn’s personal feelings are on gays or gay rights, but she did a good job here and gets some brownie points from me. Hopefully she comes around fully, and, onr grande day, moves over to MSNBC!

  • CBRad

    @Michael: “Im not gullible nor easily trusting of people but apparently half the people in this community are.Delusional at best.”

    I agree that they are, but only when it’s something they already want to hear. Look how fast they fell for the Dane Hall (Utah) story. Etc.

  • Michael


    After her comment to O’Reilly which I am just now watching I am cautiously optimistic about this women.I even said specificially that some people CAN change some are indeed capable of it but not many.It is a rarity.I keep forgetting though that anytime someone disagrees with someone in this community you always get insulted talked down to or attacked.Silly me. :)

  • CBRad

    @Michael: I know. Once gay men were intellectual greats like Sir Francis Bacon. Now the “comunity” wants you to be a robot that just automatically agrees/disagrees with the decreed rules. Or else!

  • Little Kiwi

    “Now the “comunity” wants you to be a robot that just automatically agrees/disagrees with the decreed rules”

    Care to back that up with citations, specific examples and applicable logic?

    What are the specific “decreed rules” that you feel you’re rebelliously rising against? Just curious.

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: Hate Israel, love the Palestinians. Hate all Catholics except for the French ones (allegedly equal to the more exclusive Protestant sects). Hate Texas and all Texans. Insist it’s white suburban males responsible for all the gaybashings in NYC. Love Lady Gaga, Glee, and Baby Jane. Now I’m not saying any of these beliefs are necessarily wrong, but they’re wrong if you just accept them without any life experience, or at least intense research, to back it up.

  • Little Kiwi

    can you intelligently articulate with logic and reason how liking Lady Gage, Glee and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane are inherently negative and/or harmful and why?

    Can you explain with the intense research you’ve backed up how liking the camp-gothic-classic Bette Davis film is something “worth” rebelling against, and how your dislike of it (have you even seen it?) makes you, somehow, “bucking” a trend? I’m as gay as they come. I’ve never seen a whole episode of Glee. It’s just not for me, but I’m glad the show exists – it sure is inspiring and empowering millions of young people. Ditto with Lady Gaga – don;t listen to her music, it’s not for me. But I’m glad she exists – her music and message is empowering millions upon millions.

    I’ve also lived in NYC for nearly four years – i’m unaware of any ‘collective idea’ that white male suburban males are bashing gays. Truly – never heard that said.

    Israel/Palestine? Really? That’s been gay-agenda’d too? I say heck with both of ’em – two sides arguing over who started what and who deserved what and who retaliated against which and neither working toward a goal of understanding and peace.

    Hate all Catholics except the french ones? That’s new to me. I have a real issue with those who are pro-LGBT who continue to financially and socially support institutions that work against LGBT Equality, and basic human decency. I oppose religious groups who believe that Ann Frank and Gandhi are in “Hell” simply for not “accepting Christ.”
    If all gay catholics, and gay-supporting Catholics, stopped giving money to the Church, it would be forced to reconsider its historic anti-gay stances – organized religion is a business and operates as a business – give them a reason to reconsider their ways by denying them revenue.

    Hate Texans? That’s a gay thing? Heck, that’s just a NORTHERN thing ;-)

    So yeah, not too sure where you’re getting these ideas from. You claim to have disagreements with “the gay community” but it seems to me that you’re actually the one with the glitch – you’ve decided in advance what you think “the gay community thinks and feels” and then decided to be against it. need to be a rebel?

    i’m confused. maybe direct and clear answer to the questions i’ve asked can afford me that clarity. thanks!


  • CBRad

    Maybe it’s the part of NYC you live in that makes you unaware of all this. Or not, I don’t know. I know everything I’ve said is true, all from my own experience. Just because you’re one gay male who disagrees with the gay community, or disagrees with me that they believe those ways, is fine. I’m just telling those who know, and agree with me, that they’re not alone in their experiences. And warning younger gay guys to be prepared for it.

  • Little Kiwi

    ok. but you just talking in your previous comment about “research” and when i asked you very specific questions you’ve now chosen to ignore them, instead of giving me the backed-up research which I am assuming have formed your opinions.

    it’s not enough for you to “know” it’s true – i asked you very specific questions and if you’ve done the “research” you claim to have done you’ll be able to intelligently articulate to me the specifics of what i’ve asked you.

    i’m not even sure what you think you’re “warning young gays” about. what, specifically, does “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” have to do with anything?

    re-read my previous comment, and if possible answer my questions with specific examples as per the “intense research” you have done to “back it up.”

    Thanks, it’s very much appreciated :-)

  • Little Kiwi

    i’m really curious about the “intense research” related to the Bette Davis film “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”. Genuinely curious.

    i’m all ears :-)

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: If all gay catholics, and gay-supporting Catholics, stopped giving money to the Church, it would be forced to reconsider its historic anti-gay stances – organized religion is a business and operates as a business – give them a reason to reconsider their ways by denying them revenue.

    For instance : I totally agree with you on that one. But that’s using logic and looking at the facts. That’s not the reason for anti-Catholic bias in the gay so-called “ghetto”, though, where most are- in NYC anyway- Protestant transplants who hold on to anti-Catholic bias as a snobbery, or status-conscious, thing. They actually consider the DNA, physiology, flesh-makeup of a Catholic man different from a Protestant (though, as others have said, that doesn’t stop them from sneaking out to Brooklyn or up to the Bronx to seek out dago and mick c–k to suck. Which is fine too, though, because “slumming” is as old as mankind, even for heteros). But, my point is, that’s one of the Rules (the Hate Catholics one) in the gay community that one has to follow unquestioningly, or else… get “punished” by being excluded.

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: I can’t think of the authors’ names, but the essays written about the essence of Baby Jane (and other films) being essentially the soul of gay men, etc., all that stuff. I actually like that film, though. But if someone else doesn’t I don’t dismiss them.

  • Little Kiwi

    “They actually consider the DNA, physiology, flesh-makeup of a Catholic man different from a Protestant”

    Can you back that up with a specific citation? I’ve never heard that at any point in my gayass life. Literally. Not once. I’ve been Out for more than a decade, and I’ve never at any point heard anyone, let alone any gay people, claim that Catholics have a different DNA-makeup/physiology.

    I’ve never once heard that. How can it possibly be a belief of “the gay community” when this is the first time I’ve ever heard it mentioned? I’ve bartended in numerous gay bars. Worked with gays> Dated gays. Hung out with gays. Been friends with gays. Done activism and social advocacy with different gay groups. Not ONCE have I ever heard that.

    so for you to say it’s a “belief of the gay community” is not true, unless you can provide a citation from the “intense research” you’ve done to back it up.

    “But, my point is, that’s one of the Rules (the Hate Catholics one) in the gay community that one has to follow unquestioningly, or else… get “punished” by being excluded.”

    You have to back up what you say with facts. You claim to have done “intense research” and then all you’re doing when “answering” my questions is giving vague, baseless opinions.

    I asked you a number of specific questions which you are not answering, and clear direct answers with the backed-up intense research you claim to have done would be appreciated.

    It just sounds to me that you’re actually making things up about “the gay community” and then disagreeing with them. I mean, I’d love for you to correct me and prove me wrong about that. All you have to do is provide specific examples and citations from the intense research you’ve done.



  • Little Kiwi

    …..ok, well that’s not really an answer. and you’re missing out on nuance, dude. there are some people, like myself, who simply don’t like Lady Gaga’s music. it’s not for me. but i don’t dislike her. she’s making MILLIONS happy and empowerd. that’s a gift. she’s got talent and ambition – alas, it’s just not the type of music i’m into.

    however, there are people out there who intentionally dislike Lady Gaga because “they don’t want to like what all the other gays are liking”

    which is bullshit.

    it’s not what you like, or what you are, that matters. it’s how you are ABOUT it. it’s your intent and motivation behind it.

    same with Baby Jane. sure, some folks may not get it, or may not like it. thats’ fine. but there are those who will intentionally make a point of not only “not liking it”, but letting everyone know that they “didn’t like it” because they have a defense-mechanism insecurity-borne reaction to being seen as, or doing something, perceived as “stereotypically gay.”

    i’m just not sure what point you think you’re making about “warning young gays about ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?””. that just seems very odd…..

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: How can I back it up with facts? It’s noot something they publicize. It’s just what I know from dealing with them. Just because you haven’t heard it doesn’t mean it’s not true, though. I’ve been in and throughout the gay communities in New York and West Hollywood for like…forever, and know it’s the case. If it’s not true it doesn’t matter. But others should be on the lookout, and…I believe what I say will be verified. And, just read the gay blogs once in a while, you’ll see it revealed. What part of NYC did you grow up in? Just curious.

  • CBRad

    P.S. The Baby Jane Lady Gaga thing is more or less of a joke. I shouldn’t have added them when I was talking about the other gay Rules, which really are serious and really do cause animosity between people.

  • CBRad

    P.S.P.S. Ahmadinejad will be in NYC agains soon. Will there be one gay protest against him? Of course not. He’s not on the Gay List as an Enemy, because gay Protestants in the U.S. will still never hate him like they do a NYC or Boston Catholic.

  • Little Kiwi

    Ok, but you said that you’ve done “intense research” and when pressed about it you’re now just saying “it’s my experience”

    if you can’t back it up, you can’t claim it’s a fact. it’s an opinion. you can’t pretend your opinions are facts.

    in one breath you agreed with me on what i said because i used facts and rationale – the problem is that you’re not applying facts and rationale to your OWN stance and opinions of “the gay community”

    what you are describing bears no resemblance to anything i’ve experienced in life. therefore you can’t say it’s “the gay community” – it can’t possibly be. you can’t claim to value intense research and backed-up facts and then resort to insisting your opinions are “factual” when you have no evidence to back them up.

    that’s just ridiculous hypocrisy.

    i didn’t grow up in NYC. I grew up in Canada. In NYC i’ve lived in midtown manhattan, the east village, gramercy, williamsburg, and astoria.

    i don’t know what you mean by ‘the gay communities’ – it sounds to me like you’re talking about a bar or two. there’s more to the Gay Community than bars, you know.

    but seriously, you talked about intense research and are now refusing or failing to back up your own claims with anything resembling Intense Research. you’re allowed to have opinions, just don’t claim that they’re facts unless you can (in your own words) “back them up.”

  • Little Kiwi

    ok. here’s what i’m gleaning – you object to people blindly following, uh, “the gay community” without having done, uh, “intense research”

    but you yourself have provided no specific “intense research” to back up any of your claims about “the gay community”

    i’m sorry, but until you do it just sounds like one more gay dude who feels like he has to make up things to “disagree with” in order to feel like a unique rebel.

    i don’t get that.

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: Some of my experiences were in bars, but more were from that awful Gay Community Center or get-togethers at various places (from Coney Island to Fifth Ave., so I’m pretty well-rounded) And some of it IS intense research. One can basically look up how many gays are in NYC, how many are transplants, religious affiliation, etc. And (no insult intended) but if you’re a foreigner you might somehow have missed what was going on around you. (Unless YOU’RE Catholic, and then you didn’t know they called you “Papist” behind your back). But, again, you don’t have to agree with me. You’re percieved experiences have just been different. Others can make up their minds on their own.

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: You’re right. I should have said “life experience” instead of “intense research”. You’re right.

  • Little Kiwi

    ok, so is all of this about you being a Catholic and being upset that other gay people resent your continued support of the Catholic Church?

    Does your specific church support LGBT Equality, and indeed PROMOTE it within the Catholic world? A clear answer would be appreciated.

    My issue with you is this – you’re presenting your opinions are if they’re “facts” and then refusing to cite them as such, or giving any Intense Research to specifically and explicitly show how its’ factual.

    and how is my being a Canadian citizen going to make me unaware of “what’s going on around me?” Can you intelligently explain that, too?

    You cannot sit here pretending your opinions are facts and then refuse to back them up.

  • Matt

    Oh my gosh. This guy is a horrible representation of the field of psychology and psychiatry. I love that the anchor had so much knowledge about the DSM and psychology more generally. She really has done her research. I would love to send her an e-mail thanking her for this piece.

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: I’m not Catholic. I’m that rarity- Protestant Cuban. But so light I can pass for a WASP and did fairly well in those circles (don’t get me started on the gay Jews, who in NYC have their own separate complicated status-conscious world).Even changed my name (like a spy, lol). Anyway, okay, I won’t pretend my opinions are facts. They’re just my facts. And they might beome facts for others if they find (or know already) the same thing. I didn’t mean to call you naive being from another country. Just that some people are more polite to visitors and you might not have been subjected to some of the nastier aspects of the gay world. But, getting back to….Those are the Rules (my belief only!) that the gay ghetto decrees, and one has to automatically follow them and repeat them. (There are even more I don’t think I got into). If one rebels at all…forget it. My biggest hope is that younger gay guys will be more individualistic, thinkers for themselves, and break free of all that. Indeed, go back to being Turing, Keynes, and Francis Bacon.

  • CBRad

    @Matt: Every field (even MDs) has its dummies.

  • Little Kiwi

    there’s no such thing as “your facts”. facts are facts. they’re not subjective.

    that’s what makes them facts. everyone is entitled to their own opinions, everyone is not entitled to their own facts.

    “polite to visitors”? I doubt highly that people i interact with know i’m a Canadian in my every day life.

    here’s what’s clear – your view of the “gay world” is your own miserable creation. you’ve decided in advance that it’s all negative and that’s all you choose to see.

    you’ve decided, baselessly, that there are “rules” and that you’re a unique rebel for “defying” them. massive eye-roll, kiddo. you’re just like every other young gay dude who needs to insist he’s not like “the others in the gay community” in order to feel special.

    you’ve made up a gay world and decided it sucks.
    i can’t imagine why. my gayass life is fucking amazing :D

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: LOL. I used to ask NYC gays (under the guise of scientific curiosity) if a person changed religion, does their DNA change over time? And is the DNA similar between French Canadian Catholics and Mexican ones, etc. (But who was I to argue with them? They were successful people, maybe their beliefs are right!)

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: Okay. You are perfectly entitled to your own opinion.

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: Unique rebel for defying them? LOL. Basically I kept my contempt secret. Not proud nor ashamed of it. With gays, like with anybody, you tell them what they want to hear.

  • Little Kiwi

    you asked “gays” if they believed people change their DNA when changing religion? I think your problem isn’t that you asked “gays”, but that the people you were asking were AMERICANS, who (as you well know) are victims of a lousy education system and are generally fucking stupid about a whole lot.

    quite frankly i no longer believe you. what kind of idiot would think a person’s DNA is altered by religion? you seem to think ‘it’s a gay thing’ – i’d say its’ more likely an American thing.

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: No, because I’d tell my hetero brothers and they’d laugh at the gay rules.

  • Little Kiwi

    you’ve created an idea of what “the gay community” thinks and intentionally made it all “bad” so you can feel special by “not going along with it”

    that’s stupid in the extreme. good luck in life.

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: P.S. go look at the posts under the david cameron article. (Also, I do think you guys up in Canada get very good educations. But you’re main minority is Asian. It’s easier to keep everybody working together ).

  • Little Kiwi

    we must get good educations, i’ve never met a single person (gay or straight) who thought that changing religion changes one’s DNA.

    i never even met any in the USA that believed that. that you have says nothing about the “gay community”, and EVERYTHING about the people who choose to socialize with.

    what are you talking about Asians for? this has al become very surreal.

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: Wait a minute. You already said that the gays I know only believe that because they’re Americans. (And look up the latest post on David Cameron). You can believe it or not. Others will find out if I’m correct or not. Just like they’ll find out if you’re right or not everytime you say guys worry their fathers hate them. I’m saying those are the Gay Rules in the Gay Ghetto and you better follow them, or….better find your friends and business contacts in straight society. You disagree with my claims of both The Rules and their tyrannical enforcement of them. We disagree. I get it.

  • Michael


    Do not bother with Kiwi he is one of the rudest most pompous posters on this site barnone.He loves to talk down to people he acts like hes above everyone here and I know I am not the only one who has seen that from him. Arguing much less debating someone that is that clearly full of themselves is a true exercise in futility unless you want to hear him tell you that your father never loved you you should hang yourself you are inferior etc….All comments this user has previously said to me and others here no lie. Just keep this in mind and you will be fine he is always right everyone else is always wrong don’t forget that lol :)

  • Little Kiwi

    CBRad,you claim there are rules, yet you cannot back up your claim with anything resembling facts.

    you can’t claim an opinion is a fact without backing it up.

    oh, look. here comes Michael to complain about intellectual elitism again, complaining that peopel “talk down to him” all the time.

    lather. rinse. repeat.

    we get it. everyone who’s smarter than you is an elitist. sure thing, sugar ;-)

  • Little Kiwi

    oh well. continue to “disagree” – it’ll only make your own life more miserable. my gay old life pretty much rocks :D

    michael is hilarious, btw. feel free to post another 8-10 comments about me ;-) it’s flattering.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Nope only one hilarious here is you dude.You constantly take an elitist position and you’re too fucking retarded to even comprehend what arrogance is to begin with.Do I need to get a dictionary sweetie? Thanks for calling me sugar thankfully I have a sugar in real life its called a boyfriend maybe if you actually had one they could teach you what humility is all about just a tip egomaniac :)You really do make gays look bad talk about being as dense as it can possibly get.Some people are too stupid to see their own flaws right in front of them .

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Whoever called you smart was kissing your ass dude no question about that one lol But then again thats exactly what you want anyone who disagrees with you is automatically beneath you or not worthy of your time lather rinse repeat as you stupidly said lol

  • Little Kiwi

    oh, MIchael…. i didn’t realize that opposing Transphobia and Xenophobia were “elitist positions”

    yikes. well, now i know. :D

    check out my blog to see MY boyfriend ;-)


    btw, you might want to not use the term “retard” in this thread about social tolerance. transphobia is wrong, and so is you demeaning the differently-abled community by using the word “Retard” in a derogatory manner.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Look here little boy do not condescend me I am surprised you have any fans on your YT page to begin with for real.If they only knew the kind of nasty vile pompous person you actually were I think they would change their tune about you no questions about that one.

    I was referring to you for being to dumb to see that you ARE arrogant you seriously need to look the word up that is all you have ever acted like .As I said previously I am not the only one who has noticed it but by all means keep being the condescending person you always are do not let me stop you.Btw a person with humility does not look at ANYONE as their inferior much less puts them down the way you do.Once again I rest my case on how hypocritical YOU act. :) Later sugar. :)

  • Little Kiwi

    So you disagree, Michael, and you think that transphobia and religious bigotry against non-Christians during the Holiday Season are acceptable?

    I’m puzzled as to how you think opposing Transphobia is an “elitist position”

  • Little Kiwi

    can you kindly refrain from using “retarded” as a derogatory slur in the future? it’s not very nice. especially on this thread about transphobia.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    The way you act yes is elitist I agree with certain things you say but not the person saying them period.

    I OPPOSE transphobia as well I happen to have some friends who are transgender so yes I do oppose things like that.

    No I do not think its acceptable I still say Merry Christmas to my Christian friends but I do not mean what they mean by that word.

    can you intelligently articulate with logic and reason how liking Lady Gage, Glee and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane are inherently negative and/or harmful and why?

    ^^^Here is an example of what I was referring to however what kind of pompous individual has the gall to be so condescending as YOU are to people here? You got to be kidding me ? You act as if you are on a higher rank or something and its beyond ridiculous at this point.You are severely deluded that you can not even see how arrogant and rude that is to ask someone. You must think because you can write a lot of big words that others should meet YOUR intellectual level once again that IS arrogance.Please look the word up this is an exercise in futility and arguing with people like you is a headache waiting to happen lol

  • Little Kiwi

    “Btw a person with humility does not look at ANYONE as their inferior much less puts them down the way you do.Once again I rest my case on how hypocritical YOU act.”

    I’m not the one who used “retarded” as a derogatory slur. perhaps you think it’s ok to use terminologies that do indeed offend those with mental disabilities, but I don’t see how you can do that in one breath and then…well…say everything else you’re saying with another.

    i understand that you have a heated and probably hormonal infatuation with me, but kindly keep in check.

    you can’t call me a hypocrite and then call me “fucking retarded” in the same breath and not also be guilty of hypocrisy.

    calm your hormones, get over your obsession with me, pet a puppy, smell a pretty flower.


  • CBRad

    @Michael: Okay. But I have to say he was okay talking with me here. We just disagree, going by our experiences. (But I still think my experiences in the gay ghetto are more complete and my conclusions more accurate than his!)

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    You really are pathetic you think WAY too highly of yourself as well. I have a boyfriend moron someone with actual intelligence and humility you lack both especially humility.

    As far as the term retarded I regret using that term you are too dumb to comprehend the meaning of arrogance .But I have nothing against those who are mentally challenged they happen to be brighter and wiser then a lot of people are in this world so for that I apologize… not to you but to them.

    Speaking of hypocrites here you are acting like an innocent pristine person when you know thats bullshit.Especially considering how you claimed I was inferior to you weeks ago and beneath you you even insulted my intelligence but your kind of gay always acts this way.Like the preppy gays that think they are too cool for school.Bitch please I suggest you seriously get over yourself already you are so pathetic that you actually think I am obsessed about and over you.Never flatter yourself you are insignificant to me I only said something about you to that guy to let him know what kind of person you are and how it was futile even attempting to argue with someone as wrapped up in yourself as you continue to be.You are as transparent as glass dude. :)

  • Little Kiwi

    well…Michael…CAN YOU explain with can you intelligently articulate with logic and reason how liking Lady Gage, Glee and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane are inherently negative and/or harmful and why?

    “Here is an example of what I was referring to however what kind of pompous individual has the gall to be so condescending as YOU are to people here? You got to be kidding me ? You act as if you are on a higher rank or something and its beyond ridiculous at this point.You are severely deluded that you can not even see how arrogant and rude that is to ask someone. You must think because you can write a lot of big words that others should meet YOUR intellectual level once again that IS arrogance.Please look the word up this is an exercise in futility and arguing with people like you is a headache waiting to happen lol logic and reason and….”

    how is it pompous to ask for specifics? how is it RUDE to ask if and HOW those things are inherently negative?
    someone makes a statement. i ask them to back it up and explain it, with logic, facts, and reason.

    that’s not pompous or arrogant.

    Michael, you’re entitled to your opinions. I’m just puzzled as to why you’re so proud of them. They can’t make for a happy life, believing nonsense about the gay community. like i said, my life rocks.

    you’ll have to excuse Michael here. He’s a wee bit obsessed with me, as you can readily see. he considers it arrogant and rude to have people intelligently and explicitly explain and back-up their assertions.

    i find that odd. must be elite upbringing kicking in….



  • Michael


    Ive met his kind of gay before I know what they are like.If you disagree you are beneath him and inferior to him.He just will never admit thats how he really feels.Thats how most gay dudes like him act ive met plenty of them on YT as well.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Lie more about me being obsessed with you id knock you out if I ever met you dude .I cant stand your kind of gay never have never will.

  • CBRad

    @Michael: He (kiwi) DID admit, though, that he worked as a bartender, which isn’t exactly the most admirable job. Hardly elitist. I’ll just give him that. But I won’t argue with you. I better stay out of this.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Well arrogant fucktard I see nothing inherently harmful or wrong with liking Gaga Glee or BabyJane.Im a huge gaga fan never BabyJanes a classic and ive never watched an episode of Glee in my life though it looks good. :P

  • Little Kiwi

    bartending is a great way to pay for university :D keeps days free! :D

    if you see nothing wrong with those things then why am i an “arrogant fucktard” for asking someone to explain what, if anything, is inherently harmful about them and why?

    i don’t understand that.

    and i don’t need to “lie” about being obsessed with. the fact that you keep talking about me proves it.

    p.s. you just uttered a physical threat against me on this site.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Inflate that ego some more dude maybe your head will explode . :)

    Talk about POMPOUS LOL My boyfriend is bisexual a singer and the love of my life therefore all the delusional egotistical bullshit you just wrote is a complete and utter lie.Hilarious how you claim I left you long messages on your YT page.Take your meds dude for real I left you 1 single message that was it haven’t been back since.Unlike your braindamaged head my life does not revolve around you or about you even though you idiotically think it does. Time for a reality check me thinks and YOU need a major one :)

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Your point? If you werent such a pompous little shit I wouldn’t have said that to begin with. Cry me a river.

    Keep lying moron you are too dumb to comprehend boyfriend B O Y F R I E N D.Had to write that out slowly so you can understand it. :)

  • Little Kiwi

    you can’t keep talking about me in messages and then say you’re not obsessed with me. the fact that you can’t stop talking about me proves me right.

    but by all means, post another few messages to show how not obsessed with me you are.

    and i reported you for threatening me.

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: Maybe he was just agreeing that, though we’re not saying anything is necessarily right or wrong about the Gay Rules, we’re both criticizing how any gay with a different opinion is immediately under attack by the gay majority.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Good im reporting you for talking smack to people and treating them like shit. :)

    Keep talking about you in messages? You really are fucking stupid I said ONE thing about you to CBRad that was it.But you responded as usual putting your arrogant 2 cents in as usual and now you see whats happened AGAIN. :)

    Get over yourself liar everyones obsessed with you in your own MIND deluded one. :)

  • CBRad

    @Little Kiwi: and i reported you for threatening me.

    Oh no. I had just defended kiwi, sort of, but now he made himself look like a silly little nit.

  • Michael


    LOL he actually thinks I can whoop his arrogant ass ONLINE lmfao Thats priceless nothing to be afraid of though.Ive just always thought that people who act like their proverbial shit does not stink need to be knocked down a peg or two.

  • Little Kiwi

    :D keep talkig about me :D two more essays on how you’re not obsessed with me. and kindly refrain from using derogatory terms like “retarded” ;-)

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    *rolls eyes* Dude stfu already you are a narcissistic little shit.Fuck off and gain some humility already.Please seek help for your many delusions of grandeur also id never be that desperate to OBSESS over an uneducated moron like you to begin with.Keep lying im off to bed egoboy :)Ive flagged your comments so please continue… and I will too :)

    Keep making gays look bad you are an expert in that area. :)

  • Shofixti

    While I think that Dr Ablow is a quack I know of a parallel issue that is tangentally related in the work of Virginia Braun.

    There is a cosmetic procedure called a labia-plasty where women get parts of their downstairs area surgically removed. Sometimes this is to match the airbrushed portrayals of vulvas in Playboy etc, othertimes it is to match an imagined norm of what a woman is supposed to be like. This surgery is completely socially induced in that knowledge about it and the development of the need or desire to have it socially and relationally constituted.

    People can have experiences (including media exposure) that lead them to want or seek out genital surgery.

    Still I think the Chaz Bono link is quite extreme.

  • kill-4-exclusivity

    This man is from FOX

    the one channel that had Glenn Beck

  • Cynicale

    @kill-4-exclusivity: I thought she was the one from Fox ( ? )

  • sidney

    there is so much hate going on, and this guy is a Dr omg he does not know what he is talking about.. im a transsexual woman and i don’t like people saying things that are so not true when they have no idea what it is they are talking about, the professionals are the ones we need to listen too but this guy no way would i go to see him for any problem. lol….

    from sydney australia.

  • Erin Fuller

    Years in Practice: 15+ Years
    School: Tufts/New England Medical Center
    Year Graduated: 1991
    License No. and State: 70315 Massachusetts
    Board Certification: American Board of Psychiatry Hospital Practice: Yes

  • Erin Fuller

    the above comment contains Ablows medical license number (70315) state of massachusetts use it to report his A## to the medical board!

  • Elise

    DR. Ablow should try watching this show and perform some hypnotically-induced butchering to himself.

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