Was Gay Publisher David Unger Fired by the Federal Small Business Assocation?


Window Media publisher and Avalon Equity Fund founder David Unger is said to have been removed by the federal Small Business Administration, multiple sources tell Queerty. Unger, who we heard was trying to sell his gay newspapers and magazines, had been drawing a salary as the head of Avalon, which took on $38 million in federal loans with a plan to invest in gay media. The news of Unger’s possible ouster comes on the heels of SBA placing Avalon into receivership (after Avalon’s cash on hand dropped precipitously low) and the U.S. Department of Labor began poking around the house of Unger. We’re already starting to hear from underlings happy to see him go. DEVELOPING …

UPDATE: David tells us the above information is wrong, and that SBA did not remove him. We asked him to provide an on-the-record response, but he replied, “NO.” And then in a subsequent email he declared, “THIS CANNOT BE PUBLISHED ON YOUR SITE WITHOUT MY LEGAL APPROVAL.” Which is, frankly, ridiculous, but we’re assuming it’s an insight into his managerial style.