Was This Bi Cop Harassed By Her Lesbian Colleagues For Dating a Guy?

In San Francisco, the Mission District Police Station is apparently popular with gay officers because it serves the Castro? And gay cops love patrolling areas where their own kind live? But for Lori Dutra, a fuzz now on maternity leave, all the gayness meant she was victimized by colleagues — because she’s bi and started dating a man exclusively. “Dutra, 33, alleges she suffered reverse discrimination at the Mission District Police Station at the hands of Sergeant Marta McDowell, retired Sergeant Kimberly Reynolds, Sergeant Lynn Reilly, and retired Sergeant Carri Lucas–all but the latter identify as lesbians. Dutra has also filed suit against the City and County of San Francisco for allowing the discrimination to take place. ‘This is a case about discrimination,’ Phyllis Andelin, Dutra’s lawyer said in her opening statement on Monday. ‘Dutra is the minority within the majority.'” Dutra contends she was dismissed from the Mission Station after the three defendants wrote memos claiming she was “too emotional” to perform her job. [Mission Local; photo via]