Washington State’s Gay-Marriage Bill Just Needs Two More Votes To Pass

Since Washington governor Chris Gregoire came out in support of marriage equality last week, momentum has steadily been building on the issue. Today the state Senate introduced the bill, with 23 sponsors—21 Democrats and 2 Republicans.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that the Democrat-controlled state House should pass the bill easily, but it’ll need two more “yea” votes to clear the Senate. There are six wild-card Democrats who did not sponsor the bill outright, but any of them could be swayed to vote for it.

The AP conducted a survey of the state’s 49 Senators on Wednesday and found that 22 supported the measure, 18 opposed, and 9 were on the fence.

If the bill reaches Gregoire’s desk, she’ll sign it and Washington State will become the seventh to legalize same-sex marriage. That should cast a big-ass rainbow across rainy Seattle. (We kid, we kid!)