Apologized To Heigl After Anti-Gay Remarks

Washington Takes Criticism Like A Man

Isaiah Washington‘s one forgiving “former” homophobe. The Grey’s Anatomy star recently set things straight with his GLAAD-sponsored pro-gay PSA’s, but apparently the commercials weren’t his only peace offerings for last year’s faggot flinging. NY Post reports that Washington thanked critical co-star Katherine Heigl after she blasted him for inadvertently outing TR Knight. The blond beauty, whose mama of a comedy, Knocked Up opens this weekend, told reporters that Washington needs to “stop talking”. Now, she tells Entertainment Weekly:

Isaiah thanked me, which I didn’t understand. He was almost grateful. I don’t know Isaiah well, but he takes his work seriously and he loves his character.

He made a big mistake, and it was thoughtless and boneheaded, and I think he’s very sorry and embarrassed. This is something that will have changed the scope of his life.

We can’t help but wonder what TR Knight has to say about this. And, more importantly, what Washington said to Knight after the infamous incident…