WATCH: 15-Year-Old’s Electrifying, Award-Winning Story About His Lesbian Moms

15-year-old Noah St. John ran away with the “NPR Snap Judgement Performance of the Year” title for his brilliant recounting of a car ride with an unexpected ending.

What he initially thought was the end of his life with his two moms proved to be a reaffirmation of their love and commitment to one another and to him.

In case you needed further proof that kids of gay parents turn out just fine, strap in for Noah’s passionate and heart-warming tale.

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  • orcanyc

    Amazing job!!!

  • Sohobod

    I don’t want to hate on the kid – and I suppose it’s all very ‘inspitational’ – maybe this is what the difference is between an American and a British sensibility. But I fond it all a bit ‘Waltons’.
    Americans don’t seem to have much of an ‘edge’. Like why they are still shocked by Punks. and think Glee is high culture and some sort of utopia. Even American gay culture is saturated with sentimental trite crap.

  • alterego1980

    @Sohobod: I happen to like British productions, though they tend to get a little ridiculous and soapy. But I think you could have a substantive conversation about the differences you mention. But you are barking up the wrong tree on this post. The point isn’t as much about the story, though it is very good. It’s also about him being 15 years old and putting it all together in a great performance. It was a great story for the time limit and it was told very well and with great emotion. If this is any indication, he will have a great career in performance art or whatever he wants really. I applaud him.

  • 2eo

    @alterego1980: Don’t worry too much, he doesn’t speak for Brits, and I as a Brit more educated and wittier than Sohobod I can safely say that the video was excellent.

    He has charisma and is a talented story teller, the punches and changes in the delivery are especially difficult, as someone who has given slideshows and presentations to companies worth hundreds of millions this kid has me beaten all ends up.

  • Harley

    WOW!!! Brought tears to my eyes, for sure. Great performance. Loved it.

  • Sohobod

    Like I said, I’m sure he’s a nice kid – but is it great? Do people like the contents of the performance – or is it that he is talking about his two mothers? If he was talking about his mother and father it would be a pretty pedestrian and sentimental a story. But he devilered it well enough.

  • sfbeast

    very nice performance. well written, well performed. sweet and tender. and brought tears to my eyes as well. (maybe the band was a little too loud over the voice at the end)

  • Caeron

    It’s a 15 year old kid eloquently talking about fears and anxieties that kids that age have. It certainly has extra poignancy because it’s about his lesbian moms, but I think it is more universal than just gay.

  • chris

    @sohobod – way to go in making us Brits look bad….poor spelling or lazy typos doesn’t help either.

    This was a life affirming emotive narrative – an evocative narrative – not to mention an honest sincere performance.

    A proud display from a vernal story teller. As a Brit I totally endorse the inspirational intent. He built a palpable tension and then joyously brought us home with a wonderfully positive conclusion.

    Clever, witty and delightful.

  • Creamsicle

    Noah St. John’s performance was good and gave me a warm, hopeful tingly feeling, but there were FAR more moving and entertaining stories during the DC live recording of Snap Judgement. Sonya Renee’s performance literally had me in tears with how raw and exposed she left herself. That’s not to say that St John’s performance was bad by any means, he has a lot of potential as a performer and story teller, but the other participants just had a much greater breadth of experience both in their stories and story telling.

  • Spence

    He reminds me of Anis Mojgani a little bit. Sohobod, enlighten us about how refined and cultured you are compared to the stereotypes you throw out against American culture, gay culture, and performance art. Link us all to your edgy creations so that we may delight in your superiority.

  • antonadam

    Loved it! Great story wonderfully told by a composed and articulate young man.

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