WATCH: 96-Year-Old Actress Pens Marriage Equality Anthem

We think we’ve found our wedding song. “Here’s To All Who Love” is a love song written by 96-year-old Hollywood actress Marsha Hunt for an upcoming documentary about her life.

Hunt was born in 1917. She made her film debut in 1935’s The Virginia Judge. In the 1950s, she was blacklisted by studio executives for being an alleged communist.

Over the years, she has appeared in over 100 films, TV movies, and television shows, as well as several New York stage productions. She also wrote a book and has composed several songs.

“Here’s To All Who Love” is an anthem for marriage equality. Glee’s Bill A. Jones performs the melody to an intimate crowd. The song has sort of an Irving Berlin or Cole Porter feel to it, which we totally dig.

Check out the video below.