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  • BrianZ

    Such a simple video but really powerful. I love the transformation in her expression most of all.

  • watching1

    She’s beautiful! Was as a bio boy, as the girl she is, as a human. Just beautiful.

  • 2eo

    Good for some actual moderation for a change. His attempts at being funny were not only poor, they were the lowest form of humour, which admittedly is the only humour he may aspire.

    Excellent, everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, congrats on pursuing what was necessary for happiness.

  • longpastdue

    honestly, she could have passed at 12 months. There were definitely a couple photos in there where she kind of looked like a brunette Natalie Portman.

  • Brian

    He has simply changed the artifice. He was a male before and he’s still a male now.

    Growing your hair long and putting on make-up does not turn a man into a woman. These are artifices. Artifices don’t determine your sex.

    He was nice-looking before he started playing with artifices. Once you start adjusting your skin and your face in general, it causes deterioration, not improvement. The face is not a place to go playing. Look at what happened to Michael Jackson.

  • Ruhlmann

    @Brian: Shut up.

  • Oscar

    @Brian: You are being a bully. That is not what this site is about. SHE is beautiful. You’re lack of respect is appalling.

  • Fitz

    This isn’t the place for an argument about gender reassignment and gender identity. She put this video together to show a transformation. Well done, both on the video and on the transformation. Beautiful boy, beautiful girl, beautiful in betwixt.

  • 2eo


    Brian is a troll, who also posts under the name Avenger. It’s okay to ignore his posts, he’s a weirdo who has over 2500 posts on Stormfront.

  • Brian

    Oh, please, spare me the ultra-sensitive “bully” accusation. I was simply saying what I think about “gender transformation”. If that is bullying, who am I bullying? You need to have a victim. I haven’t victimized anybody.

    The thing that truly irks me about gender transformers is the hypocrisy. They say they want to be free from gender role structures but they adopt the very same artifices that define gender roles – eg long flowing hair and make-up on a woman. They’re entering a new stereotype .

  • vklortho

    @Brian: You are generally being a dick by using old pronouns intentionally. A lot of people who transition are doing it because of physical dysphoria. If she(the maker of the video) wanted to be a feminine guy or wanted to simply transcend gender then she wouldn’t have transitioned. A world without gender roles would be great for everyone who is gender variant(straight, gay, or trans), but that world doesn’t stop the unwanted effects of testosterone on the body of a trans woman or the unwanted effects of estrogen on the body of a trans man.

    There is a theory that one of the biggest causes of gender dysphoria from what I understand is an irregularity in androgen level exposure inside the womb especially concerning the brain of the fetus. Current medical technology makes it much easier for us to fix the body instead of the brain.

  • Lyceius

    He became a very beautiful woman. Congrats to her.

  • Saint_Nunya

    You go gurl! reinforce those gender roles. They were looking a tad shaky. Cuz physical appearance is where the meaning in being, living and life is hidden. Let’s all work harder to put the “Super!” in superficial. Cuz you know what they say, right? Womanhood is skin deep. Amirite? Now let’s all go show how queer we are by bowing down to social constructs!

    Just more heteronormative conformity under the guise of queerness. Not to mention wasteful. But don’t worry, not like there aren’t homeless starving kids anywhere. There is no way she could have better spent the money for such cosmetic surgery.


  • Saint_Nunya

    well balls. minor typo in line 6. should read “there are” rather.

  • 2eo

    @Saint_Nunya: You mean like your computer and internet connection.

    Nice try, not clever enough with the wordplay to get away with that one.

  • gppm1103

    OK…you two…stick to the story and stop picking out each other’s typos or meanings:-)

    What difference does it make? He did what he wanted to do. And I am assuming that includes the gender transformation…not just the skin and hair.

  • CaptainFabulous

    @Ruhlmann: +1000

  • CaptainFabulous

    Absolutely no condemnation from me at all, but where does someone like this get the money for all this surgery?

  • Thedrdonna

    @Saint_Nunya: It sounds like you’re making a lot of assumptions about this young woman’s life based on her appearance. In all the areas that really matter (I.e. comportment, demeanor, etc.), we cannot know how she conducts herself, because all we see is the physical transition. Regarding transsexuality in general, I would argue that it doesn’t reinforce gender roles any more than cissexuality, and there will be individuals in both camps who go out of their way to not reinforce those roles. However, since transsexuality also is based on transitioning, it establishes that there aren’t any fundamental, irreconcilable differences between the two genders that cannot be changed, so in that it does in fact subvert gender roles. I know a very large percentage of trans folk who are nearly militantly zealous about getting rid of the gender binary.

  • deltabadhand

    I don’t mean to single this woman out, but the article reminds me of how often transgendered people who have completed a transition process want people to focus of the transition itself (sometimes for years afterward) and not the (hopefully) fulfilled, happy person that was the intended goal of the process. I mean, the video is cool, and I hope she is happy, but it seems to be honorific of the process itself and not the result.

  • Thedrdonna

    @deltabadhand: I agree, but I would say that she probably didn’t mean this to get as big as it has. It is pretty standard for trans folks to show this sort of thing to other, pre-transition trans folks as an inspiration and to show that things do, in fact, get better. The reason this one became widespread is because we as a society love transformations, whether it be from man to woman, fat to skinny, poorly dressed to dapper, anything. We’ve got whole swaths of reality shows dedicated to showing us examples of transformations of various kinds. A lot of trans folks, actually, tend to be less than thrilled by how the media portrays us, though, because it almost always focuses on the transformation, whether by talking about our birth names, showing us putting on makeup or binders, before-and-after photos, and so on. It centers the discussion around the change, and that serves to underline the artifice. Unfortunately, that’s what the public has an appetite for.

  • Ogre Magi

    I am sad because he was so beautiful as a male, but it is his choice and I respect that.

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