WATCH: Anderson Cooper Throws His Ponytail At The Beyoncé Lip-Synch “Controversy”

This may be the gayest thing Anderson Cooper has said on the air, and he wasn’t even tonguing a giant gummy worm: “As far as I’m concerned, it is Beyoncé’s world and we’re just living in it.”


Coop is of course referring to allegations that Queen Bey lip-synched the national anthem. The silver fox was having none of it last night on AC360 and instead cast some nostalgic shade at former pop star/relevant person Ashlee Simpson.

Remember her? Neither do we, but someone does and that someone will not have you besmirch the name of his diva-best-believa.

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  • kernelt

    Oh Anderson, lol you rock it girl! lol

  • Spike

    So why show up and sing and all, why not just sent a video? It wasn’t the Superbowl or the People’s Choice Awards, it was the Presidential Inauguration. I love all the defenders that say it was her voice so what’s the difference. If that’s the case once she has recorded a song, why ever sing it live ever again? It’s their voice, so what’s the difference?

    Kelly Clarkson sang live, and killed it. And you wonder why people were questioning Beyonces baby bump, seems to be trend here. Hey, as long as it was her egg, what’s the difference if another women carried the baby, right?

  • demetreus

    @Spike: What I love, is the fact that you seem so
    disturbed that the Star Spangled Banner was lip-synced. Are you really THAT much a patriotic american???I doubt it.
    Get over it.

  • Spike

    @demetreus: What I love, is the fact that you and so many others have bought into the Britney Spears concert experience being the acceptable norm when it comes to an artist singing ‘live’.

    She didn’t sing it live, why not admit it, if not a big deal – blame it on the strenous dance moves that would have made singing it live very difficult, LOL. I recall at one time when some d-lister lip synced on SNL and it pretty much buried her career. These days, hey, Britney does it all the time, why not show up at the Presidential Inaguration and play a CD.

  • Charlie in Charge

    @Spike: Do you tell the children at the mall “That’s not really Santa?” Sometimes we like an illusion and no person’s life was harmed in any way by a person lip-syncing to a recording of their own voice.

    For an event this large you do not allow things like microphone issues and other AV mishaps to threaten the flow of the proceedings.

  • Katbox

    +Bitch was obviously lip-syncing, but I guess the possible 1million obama paid her with our tax dollars just wasn’t enough to warrant a REAL LIVE PERFORMANCE.

  • 2eo

    @Katbox: You should be more upset with Beyonce taking money of islamic despots to perform in countries where they are beheaded for listening to her music.

    “Who runs the world?, girls. Unless you’re foreign or oppressed then you can go fuck yourselves” – Beyonce.

  • Aidan8

    @Katbox: Your tax dollars didn’t pay one cent. Inaugural ceremonies are paid for via fundraising by the inaugural committees.

  • fredo777

    @Spike: Kelly wasn’t all that great, to be honest, so I don’t know why people keep making that comparison.

    I’m in total agreement with Anderson on this one. This is just another petty/insignificant thing for people to bitch + moan over. It was her voice, it sounded great, you didn’t buy a concert ticket with the promise of a live performance, you probably just turned on your tv + watched from your living room for $Free.99. “Oh, but it was the National Anthem!” “Oh, but it was during the inauguration!” So, what? It wasn’t a Bey concert + the day wasn’t really about her/her performance, whether or not she sang live. Obviously, if she preferred to sing along to a pre-recorded track, she had her own reasons for doing so, + might have wanted to protect her voice. She doesn’t owe you anything. And, no, Katbox, your tax dollars didn’t pay for sh*t. I wish people would stop using that excuse for everything (“those are my tax dollars!”). You’re not the first person to ever pay taxes.

  • Brian

    .Anderson and Beyonce are both very rich.

    As for Beyonce, she is pathetic.

  • fredo777

    @Brian: Sounds like someone’s jealous.

  • Spike

    @Charlie in Charge: Really, didn’t seem to stop Aretha Franklin from singing live at the ’08 Inauguration, she didn’t seem concerned with “microphone issues and other AV mishaps”

    Oh and by the way, Beyonce had FINALLY owned up, and her diva excuse, nothing to do with microphone issues or AV mishaps . . . arrived late and was not able to rehearse.

    BTW, why hold the microphone if it’s not even live?

  • Spike

    @fredo777: At least there is no debate as to whether or not Kelly sang it live, if it wasn’t recording studio perfect, it was live.

  • fredo777

    @Spike: Kelly was also very noticeably peering down at the lyrics to the song she was singing, which I haven’t heard a single peep of complaint about. I suppose it’s only okay when the person who isn’t fully “prepared” to sing live isn’t Beyonce. Over it.

  • Spike

    @fredo777: So having the text of the lyrics available is a problem because, why? Maybe that is why you haven’t heard a single peep of complaint. Regardless, she sang it live.

  • fredo777

    @Spike: Yeah, right, I’m sure that’s why I haven’t heard a peep of complaint. They wouldn’t have complained if Beyonce had been reading the lyrics, instead. Ha.

    Like I have never heard anyone bitch or moan because Obama uses a teleprompter. There’s no lack of balance here, obviously. Give me a break.

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